Its Role for A Married Couple

I came across a column of a certain health magazine which tackles about sex and it's important role to a couple. I know I should not be focusing this much on this thing knowing that i am not engaged or committed yet to someone but there's really one thing that took my attention on that article. It was said that men still watch porn even they are already in a married status. It is very interesting to know that committed men are still watching such videos despite of the fact that they already have their own wives. Based on that article, men watch porn in order to improve their sex lives. Sex plays a very important role in a couple this is why men search for other things or ways to entertain their partner. In that way, i think watching porn for men who is already in a married status is quite understandable whether they are into porn xchange or other porn related sites on the web.
So what benefits they could gain from it in return? Well, basically , Men learns new moves or techniques which will make their sex more exciting. Whether someone search for the BangBros or simply read some BangBros review , it doesn't really matter as long as you are not watching such films or videos abusively. It is okay to watch porn as long as you are not watching it too much without any reason.
Keep in mind that porn is made mainly for entertainment purposes and if you keep on watching them abusively, you will tend to be more curious and curious in a point that vereything for you is not enough and you always seek for a brand new excitement which will make your relationship with your partner quite unhealthy. You have to watch it responsibly as what they say.


Nursing is one of the most in demand jobs today and I am not wondering why most students are into this course. I , myself is dreaming to become a nurse someday or even in a any health care related profession like pharmacist, phlebotomist or a Physical therapist. Isn't exciting to be in such field? However, as of this moment, i don't think it is posible for me to try any of those course since I am way too busy with my new job. In addition to that, i am also planning to continue my recent course which is Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education.
Teaching was actually not my first dream course but after taking some part time tutorial job when i was in high school, it eventually became a passion to me to a point that I wanted to became a teacher so bad. However, my dream to become a nurse is still there. At some point, i was like dreaming to become a nurse, wearing that cool white scrubs, and assisting many patients. I am so impressed to all the hard work and dedications that these nurses provide and I must salute them for their determination to help other people.
But of course, if you are planning to take a nursing course someday, just make sure that you will enroll yourself to as school like the nursing school hayward in California. Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is known for their high quality education and has been known for producing great nurses. Interesting eh?

Being Single

Is there really something wrong for being a single? Is it really a big deal for everyone? I keep on wondering why most of my friends are shocked whenever i tell them that I am still single. Oh well, it's been more than a year since i last entered a relationship which didn't end up well and as a matter of fact, we didn't have formal closure for our break up but I'm really trying to approach her to know her reason (coz she's the one who breaks me up :( sigh).
But then I do not have to drown myself into so much depression because of that incident. This is life and I have to accept the fact that our relationship is over, thus, i have to move on.
After all, being single is not that bad unless you will be single for the rest of your life. Just like what they said, "No man is an island" so we will all come to a point where we will look or seek for someone who we can be with for a lifetime.
Right now, I am enjoying my life and as bachelor. I do not have any commitment other than my obligations to my parents and my siblings since I am the breadwinner in the family but I do consider going for a date with someone i like. I never dare enter any blind date because I am really not into it. I would rather go online and create an account in some of those reliable free online dating sites because it gives me a chance to meet other people all over the world. It gives me a chance to know them better since the site usually feature chat and video calling system where users can interact to each other. Whether you're looking for a lifetime partner or just looking for friends, dating site is a such an ideal way.
Well, I am not really desperate right now and I know the right time will come that i will be able to meet the right girl for my life.

It is Necessary

Why is it very important to consider the right finishing materials for your house most especially for your kitchen countertops? Is it really necessary? What benefits you can get from it inn return? Nowadays, we should all be very practical with our decisions. Keep in mind that you will be the one to suffer in case you landed on a wrong path. Just like in choosing the right finishing material for your countertops. There are so many materials to choose from but only few are said to be effective, high in quality and highly durable.
Marble, Quartz and Granite are probably few of the best examples. They are widely used today by modern houses and establishments including luxury hotels and condo units. It's true that they are undeniably more expensive than other materials such as ceramic and laminated flooring but if you are going to compare the materials based on their quality, Marble, Quartz and Granite qualities are simply incomparable.
Well first, Marble and Granite are resistant to Heat, Scratches and Stain, making them very ideal for kitchen countertops, knowing that we usually chop, slice and cook our dishes over the countertop.
Which means, you do not have to worry about the possible staining or scratching whenever you do your work in the kitchen. But of course, it is also your responsibility to maintain it on a regular basis and if ever you are just planning to make use of these materials, make sure to hire an expert to install it properly. Proper installation will make your material more durable.
Make sure to deal with a reputable company as well so if ever you're looking for a high quality countertops vancouver installation and fabrication services, better check Floform's official webpage at and see how the site can help you with your kitchen.

Wonderful Things to Know About Import - Export Business

Are you familiar with the Import -Export Business? Do you ever wonder why most entrepreneurs today are into such industry? I listed below some of the benefits and wonderful things to know about this industry.
Risk Free - Import Export Trading Business is truly a risk free industry. Some of us are in doubt to start a business because we're afraid that the business will now turn out successfully. In this kind of industry, you have an assurance that it will go pretty well knowing that people are continuously embracing the wonders of imported products from foreign country. The demand for these goods are pretty satisfying, giving you enough confidence that it will turn out successfully.
Versatile - the advantage of the Import Export Industry is your ability to change your imported goods no matter how often you want it. You just have to go with the flow! If you think people today are into gadgets,. then why not import gadgets from foreign countries and grab that opportunity.
Fun and exciting - This industry will never stress you out and in fact it offers so much fun dealing with different costumers. You are also given a chance to witness those innovative products from different country.

But if you really want to know more about this industry, you can check Perry Belcher's Import Export Book. It has everything you need to know about the business and the secret formula towards success.

Quartz and Its Natural Beauty

Renovation takes a lot of time and it is very costly as well especially if you really want to make your house more appealing. I understand the fact that we all want the best for our house because I , myself feel the same thing. In case you are considering to remodel your house, Kitchen is probably one of your top priority next to your Living room. And when it comes to kitchen, the countertop is the very first thing that you would consider to renovate.
For better and satisfying countertop, you have to choose the right material and secure its quality. Quartz is among one of the most popular finishing material for kitchen countertops. It is pretty in demand nowadays along side with other medium including the granite, laminate, marble and limestone.
Quartz has this natural beauty that no other material can offer. Like Granite and marble, quartz is highly resistant to heat and scratches, thus durable enough for your kitchen countertop. But of course no matter how durable this material is, it still depends on how well the installation is being applied. Proper installation is really necessary in any countertop no matter what kind of material you use. The life span of your countertop depends on the workmanship.
So if ever you're looking for a high quality quartz countertops san francisco installation services in California, Marble City is probably the best place for you. You can check their site at and see what else the company has to offer.

Landscaping Ideas

Have you ever read a magazine related to exterior designing and Landscaping? Well, i'm not really paying attention to it until last night when mom brought a bunch of magazines from her work. A magazine about Landscaping took my interest and I was able to learn some useful tips and ideas on how to make your garden more appealing.
One of the tips that took my attention is the use of the so called "Bark Mulch". Who would have thought that a waste material can be recycled to make your lawn more appealing?
In fact, many Bark mulch can be found in most garden stores. Bark mulch can be a major contributing elements to make your garden more appealing.
Using Bark mulch for your garden has many advantages. Aside from giving beauty, it reduces garden maintenance too. It also promotes health growth and fertility for your plant. Application of bulk mulch or most commonly known as Mulching is actually an important aspect of gardening since it helps the soil retain moisture as well as keeping it nutrient rich for healthy plant growth. It prevents the growth of weeds too.
However, mulching is a very stressing procedure. Doing it alone without any proper knowledge can ruin your garden. In this case, it is much better to hire someone from a reputable Landscaping company for your garden's better appearance. They have the right equipments to use and they can finish the job in no time. Needless to say, hiring landscapers is a practical decision to make knowing that you will received a lot of benefits from it in return.
I will soon share some of those tips i learned from this magazine. I also asked my mom to bring more magazines soon hehe.

Adding More Value to Your House

House is a great investment indeed and if you're planning to sell your house and you want to attract buyers immediately, then you might want to consider remodeling it first. Is it really necessary to remodel or to give your house a make over? Yes it is! Of course, if you want to sell the house much faster, you need to make it more appealing to the potential buyers.
Renovation will definitely increase the value of your house and you can even sell it to a much bigger prices. Of course you do not want to showcase your house on it's messy state right? So better give it a little make over by changing the tiles or the finishing maybe just to give it a brand new appearance.
Keep in mind that buyers are looking for a nice place to live, a house with a clean and relaxing ambiance. If i will put myself in the position of the buyer, i will definitely check every single details of it just to make sure that i found the right place or not.
As for adding value, if you're going to remodel the house, then you have to make sure that you choose nothing but the best material. Just like for your kitchen, i think it is much better to use granite finishing because the quality and the appearance of it is simply incomparable to others. It will surely add more value to your house which will help you sell it much faster.
Just give out all the qualities that every buyers want and i can promise you that you can sell your house with no ease at all.
And if you don't have any plan of selling it, i think it remodeling is still necessary and you're also the one who will benefit from it in return.

Ward Off Depression

Depression is like a nightmare and I can tell you guys that I've been there so I know what most of you have been going through. Depression is a mind over matter thing. You do not have to drown yourself into so much blues and you better look forward to all those positive things rather than absorbing all the negative elements around you. There are so many ways to ward off depression so do not be so hopeless, do some action if you really want a better life.
First you have to indentify what kind of depression you have. Is it a Serious or a Mild one? If you feel perpetual sadness, slow reaction of body and mind and morbid and bitter self criticism, then you might be facing a serious depression and you better get a help from a psychologist or get a Counseling Service. Since this is a serious one, most people in this kind of stage may tend to commit suicide so if you know someone who's facing a serious depression, ask for assistance to help him or her.
Practice HOPE! Hopefulness becomes a habit which will help you achieve a permanently happy spirit.
You also have to practice right eating, right exercising, right thinking, right praying and right LIVING as these may tone up vitality.
Again it is a mind over matter thing so better replace all your negative thoughts. Why not start replacing weak thought to a strong one? Your Hatreds with love? Replace each negative thoughts with a positive one!

Hiring a Tax Preparer

Even though I've been through several Office jobs, I can't still handle some heavy and complicated paper works on my own. Most especially on calculating or filling up my Income tax return. I'm just the type of guy who don't usually deal with paper works especially if it is as complicated as Income Tax Returns. We're dealing with money here and we're dealing with taxes that you are responsible to pay and I just don't want to commit any mistakes in analyzing and calculating my taxes because a single mistake might get worst and you might face legal actions in the future. That is something I really want to avoid that's why I usually ask for a qualified Tax preparer to help me out.
However, getting a Tax preparation service will not be that easy because you have to keep in mind, that you are about to share some of your sensitive financial information which could be very risky if you landed on a wrong person. Better choose a Tax preparer carefully. Much better if you ask his contact details so if ever you encounter issues, you can easily contact him to fix it.
Always ask for their background to ensure that you are in good hands. You can get recommendations from your friends or relatives too or better yet, hire someone from a reputable agency or companies.
You really have to be wise and observant to prevent yourself from being scammed and other fraudulent activities. If you we're able to find the right one, then establish a long term engagement with hi or with the company because most likely, you will ask for their service again in the future.

Blocked Draining System

We are all responsible for cleaning our own bathroom. I don't mean that you have to be very meticulous when it comes to cleanliness but you have to pay attention to it. After all, we are also the one who would benefit from it. A properly functioning drain for example is very necessary for any house. Drains are crucial for making the house clean, hygienic and safe for you and your family.
If the drain is blocked then call for a Plumber immediately. Do not ignore this issue because if you left this as is for a long time, it may lead to flooding which may cause havoc in your house.
They can create problems with the wiring, electrical appliances, and furniture, not mention the increases health risk that arises due to potential contamination.
If you think, fixing it yourself will save your money and expenses then think again, because his can only lead on to more serious issues, which just raises the expenses.
Hiring expert plumbers has always been the best and the most practical option because they cannot just fix your plumbing issues in no time, their service fee is very reasonable too.
At least you can now have peace of mind knowing that it has been dealth with properly with a professional plumber. And I guess that's what really matters most.

Demand For Gold

Gold is such a good way to invest your money. The value of them increases every year that passes by. Every gram of them counts because they are all important to the industry. No wonder why gold miners earn big time every time they sell their gold findings to a jewelry manufacturers or gold dealers.
The demand for gold is getting higher and higher every year that's why some people especially those gold buyers and collectors grab this opportunity to sell gold while it's on its highest price.
Selling your golds will not be that easy because you have to choose the right company first. As much as possible, conduct an extensive research before dealing with any company. Get recommendations or read some reliable online reviews. These will help you in finding the right company to sell your precious metals.
Keep in mind that you will be dealing with big amount of money here so better choose a company wisely.
The Silver and Gold Exchange has been in the industry for quite a long time and they have proven their service already, giving you an assurance that you are certainly in good hands if you trust them.
They got some great deals too so better check their site at and see what else the site has to offer.

Choosing the Right Dentist

Choosing the right dentist is more like choosing the right doctor as well. There are so many factors to consider before dealing with any dentist for whatever dental service you want to take. Listed below are my personal list, hope you find it useful too.
FACILITY - They said that a house will reflect the personality of the owner and so as the dental clinic's facility. How organize it is? How about the equipment? It doesn't have to be a "State of the Art" facility. As long as it is clean and as long as it has all the necessary dental equipments needed for the operation.

ATTITUDE. Believe it or not, it is something that has to be considered here and it should be one of your main priorities as well. The dentist should have the right amount of patient for his patients most especially for kids.

EXPERTISE- Of course, above anything else, the dentist' professionalism should be your top priority. Check his background, or better yet get recommendations from people you know to ensure that you will be dealing with a right dentist or not.

HONESTY AND COMPETENCY- Unfortunately, there are some dentist who take advantage of their patient and charge them inappropriately. So better observe properly before dealing with them.
But if you're in Oregon and Looking for a professional Dentist Portland Services, then you have to search no more since Laurelwood Dental meet all these criteria. You can check their site at and see what are the other services they offer.

Complicated Problem

Plumbing issue is probably one of the most complicated problems at home because it requires extensive repairs. If in case you're planning to renovate your bathroom, you better check first if you do not have any issues with the plumbing system. Actually, it's one of the most important things that you have to consider.
If the faucet drains a bit slow and if the water that's coming out from it is a bit cloudy in color, then start to suspect that there must be something wrong with the piping system and you need to call for a plumber to fix it immediately.
Just make sure that you deal with a reputable company that will send you a professional plumber who will give nothing but honest and competent service.
Instead of hiring some who has less experience, much better if you hire someone from a well trusted. At least you know that you are in good hands and the plumbers are professional, licensed and insured.
If you guys are looking for a professional Plumber in Portland Oregon, then Sarkinen Plumbing is just right for you. You can check them at and see what are the other services they offer.

Responsibilities of a Car Owner

Being a car owner follows a lot of responsibilities and you have to be aware of that before buying a car. So what's with these responsibilities? Is it really a mandatory thing that you have to follow? Well, yes, it's more of an obligation that you have to fulfill. After all, you're also the one who can benefit from it.
Here , i made a few guidelines to help you out
ROAD RULES : Of course as a car owner, you have to be responsible for keeping your car's safety. Road is such a dangerous place and you have to drive carefully. Avoid being a reckless driver if you don't want to encounter any troubles in the near future.
INSURED: Speaking of Troubles, there were times that we cannot escape such thing and so, we have to be prepared. Get insurance to help you hedge such a devastating loss. It is really important thing and you have to take it as a top priority.
MAINTENANCE: It is not necessary for you to learn the basic troubleshooting since you can simply take your car to an auto repair shop. Just make sure that you bring your beloved auto to reputable shop like that Auto Body Repair Portland in Oregon. You can check the site at and see what else they have to offer. An auto repair shop like them will surely give you a satisfying result.
Well, these are three important things that you have to know as a car owner. These are your responsibilities and you need to do them for you car's better performance.

Before You Sell The House

If you guys are planning to sell your house and you want to attract buyers immediately, then you might want to consider remodeling it first. Is it really necessary to remodel or to give your house a make over? Yes it is! Of course, if you want to sell the house much faster, you need to make it more appealing to the potential buyers.
Renovation will definitely increase the value of your house and you can even sell it to a much bigger prices. Of course you do not want to showcase your house on it's messy state right? So better give it a little make over by changing the tiles or the finishing maybe just to give it a brand new appearance.
Keep in mind that buyers are looking for a nice place to live, a house with a clean and relaxing ambiance. If i will put myself in the position of the buyer, i will definitely check every single details of it just to make sure that i found the right place or not.
Kitchen and bathroom should be your top priority since buyers usually observed this areas. So before selling your house why not remodel your kitchen countertops first. It is the highlight of any kitchen so you really have to make it more inviting to them.
Just make sure that you choose the right material to it or better yet find a reputable company to install the material properly.
Just give out all the qualities that every buyers want and i can promise you that you can sell your house with no ease at all.
Good luck and happy blogging.

Why Should I Play Golf

I am not a sporty guy around here but I'm trying my best to become one and as a matter of fact, I'm setting it out as one of my goals. I've been searching for a sport that is not physically challenging as foot ball and basketball and not as boring as chess. Well, I think Golf meets all that criteria and it's not a bad sport at all. I'm really eager to try this sport and I might invite my friends too. Actually someone already asked me to try golf and told me that it's a perfect past time hobby.
They said that it can keep all your stress away knowing that the place where it is being held is almost embracing the beautiful aura of the nature unlike other sports that you have to play in close field and limited stadium.
It is such a perfect stress reliever and a nice and gentle way of exercising your body knowing that you have to walk long distances from one golf course to another. Of course, if you're looking for more challenge then try those professional golf courses. Golf course plays a very important role and one of the major contributing factors to make this game more interesting. Lucky you if you find a place with golf courses similar to those Golf Courses Portland in Oregon. I have heard a lot of positive feedback about that place and I hope i can get a chance to visit them someday.
Oh and if you want to become a very effective player, you can simply take training courses and practice constantly.
Who knows, you might be the next Tiger Woods right?

Unfinished Business

We have this bar inside our house but it's not yet finished. It remains pending for a month already because until now we cannot find someone to fix it for us. The worker that we hired went back to his province for some personal reason so we have no choice but to look for someone to replace him. Actually as you can see in the photos, the bar is almost done. What's missing here are the cabinet glass windows and other finishing touches. Well, since I was able to save some budget for this, i am planning to contact someone to finish this bar once and for all. Well, the concept of this bar actually started when i saw a wooden bar online. Ironically, i am not an alcohol drinker but i just find it nice to have this at home. It's like it adds color in the boring corner of our living room. Oh well, i want them to coat it with mahogany brown varnish to match up with our furniture. I might get an Electrician too to fix the lighting fixtures on it. It's quite complicated because as what i see to other bars, the light bulbs are not visible. Well, i need an expert Electrician for this to make my bar more appealing. Oh should i add wine bottles too? I mean, i add some for display purposes only? After all, it's a bar and a bar is intended to place wines on it. I'll show you the finish product soon.

Environmental Issues

Global Warming, Climate Change, acid rain, drought, flash floods and other forms of natural catastrophes, aren't they enough to tell us that we should do our best to help our suffering mother nature? Check my full Article guys about how we can save the environment in order to save our suffering world and please don't forget to leave your suggestions and opinions about this matter.
Check my full Article at I hope you find it useful too.

Expert and Professional Roofers

Fixing roof can be a "Do It Yourself" task especially if you are dealing with minor issues. Roof leaks is considered as minor issue knowing that you just have to trace those leaks and seal them with sealants. Broken shingles (if in case you have tiled roof) is quite easy too as long as you have all the necessary materials. However, it all depends on how worst the problem is, if you ignored it for a long time, then most likely it will result to a bigger problem which can be impossible to fix by someone who is less experience when it comes to roof repair.
If you don't have the skill or the experience, then don't dare take the risk by fixing it all by yourself. You may just end up making the condition much worst and that will cost you big time.
It is advisable to let the expert Roofers to handle the job for you. It's always a practical decision to hire professionals simply because they can give you finish the job satisfactorily. They are well trained for this and they can surely fix the issue no matter how worst it is. After all, they are professionals and these are their expertise.
Just make sure that you deal with a reputable company that will give you nothing but honest and competent service.
For those who are looking for an expert Roofers Portland OR, visit They got many services to offer aside from roof repair. Just feel free to navigate the site and see how much they can help you.
Have a great day guys and happy blogging to all.

Factors To Consider

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom? Well, you have to keep in mind that there are so many things and factors to consider before deciding to renovate any parts of your house especially the bathroom. Well, first, you have to make sure if your budget is enough for your plans. Remember that there will be some unexpected expenses if ever the worker found some faulty defects in your bathroom especially those plumbing related issues.
Actually, when it comes to the Plumbing issue, it should be done only by professional plumbers. They are well trained in such kind of field and they know how to fix it in no time.
Hiring professionals has always been the best option to fix this plumbing issues whether it's a minor or a major problem. I know most of us tend to hire someone from the neighborhood without asking their experience in such kind of work for the sake of getting cheaper service. But how if something went wrong? How if the condition went worst? It will just cost you a lot and that's something we don't want to happen right.
Many people appoint cheap plumbing aid without checking the dependability of the company. This may be disastrous for your plumbing system as well as your wallet so we really need to choose the right company.
The demand for plumbing help can't be anticipated, but it's extremely important to factor in it before an urgent situation strikes and that's really recommendable.

What a Stressing Week

It's been a very hectic week and I can't imagine that i was able to finish all my tasks today. Oh God, i was able to submit all the tasks before the given deadline, i was able to help my mom doing all those general cleaning in the house, and I even climbed the roof to seal those stupid roof leaks. It was a very stressing week indeed but it seems that i am going to be very busy again next week especially now that i am scheduled to teach my nieces for their upcoming periodical exam. It's their first periodical exam and even though i just quit my tutorial job recently , it seems that i have no choice but to teach these kids as I promised to their moms. We really have to work hard in order for them to earn high grades. I might spend up to two weeks teaching them. I'm not a workaholic guy, it just so happened that if someone from my relatives need my help, I'm always there in a hurry and I just can't say no to them and besides, teaching is my passion and i always love to teach kids no matter how stressing it could be.
After all of these things, i might consider taking Chiropractic therapy sessions to keep all my stress away. Most of my friends visit a Chiropractor clinic near our working place every weekend. It's their way of relaxation which is certainly a good idea. I'm not just sure if the service is as great as those Chiropractors Olympia in Washington but i do hope so. They said that spinal nerve stress (which we often got from work) is greatly reduced through proper chiropractic care which promotes health throughout the body. Well, that sounds really inviting to me.
If you guys wanna know the service they offered in Olympia Washington, feel free to check their site at and see how they can help you.

A request from Grampa's Friend

I was chatting with my grampa Ralph last Tuesday and we talked about certain things to each other. It's been a month since i last got an opportunity to chat with him. His on Oklahoma and I'm here in Philippines and we haven't met each other in person but we used to keep in touch either via Internet or via phone.
It's pretty interesting that he mentioned about the mail order brides here in our country. I'm not really sure if we have it here but i heard it from some news though not paying much attention about it. Well, he asked me if I can help him to find someone that his friend can marry. His friend is currently looking for a woman to marry. He's kinda old but still have a good and stable job. And since i really don't know what to refer, i just told him to check it online.
There are so many mail order bride sites online to choose from but i told him to choose only the reputable ones to avoid being scammed.
Many women register themselves with online dating agencies in search of a life partner overseas. In their quest for a steady and secure life, women are even opting to get married to considerably older men. Now I know now why my Grampa's friend is aiming for this mail order bride system.
Well, i wish him the best and I hope that he will find the right woman too.

Living in a New Environment

Remodeling will certainly give your house a new look. It could be very boring if you keep on seeing the same kind of arrangement and colors inside your house. It's more like giving your house a new aura, something that will motivate you and will relax you every time you wake up in the morning.
Sometimes, having a new environment, can be very beneficial. It will somehow unwind you and will keep all your stress away.
It doesn't have to be very expensive actually. You can just rearrange the furniture inside your house or even change the curtains or paint the wall into a bright and very appealing color. If you're using linoleum finishing in your floor, then why not change into a new design.
But if you have enough savings or budget, much better if you hire a designer to plan and conceptualize your house' new design. Then once you have the final design, get a professional Remodeling service to do the work for you. Getting such service will help you save time and money as well.
Just make sure that you deal with a reputable company that will give you an honest and competent service, something that will not take advantage of you.
If you're in Oregon, and looking for a great and professional Remodeling Service, feel free to visit for more info.

Why Do We Need To Hire a Professional Photographer

Why do we really need to hire a photographer? There was this girl who happened to be my mom's friend told us that why they should hire a professional photographer if they already have a digital camera that can capture high quality images.
Do you think that statement from my mom's friend really makes sense? I don't think so. The medium doesn't have anything to do with it. Whether you have digital or film camera, it doesn't really matter because if you do not know how to use it properly, then the images or photos will suck.
Those photographers took formal classes and they have the skills and experience to take photographs that capture the spirit and character of the subject. Those who offer something like Photographer Portland Services in Oregon can prove you that hiring a professional photographer is still the best option that you can have especially if you are organizing or attending a very special event. Their portfolios will be compelling and give you some good reasons to spend the money for the photo session.
Just make sure that you are dealing with a REAL photographer not to those who are assuming themselves that they are photographer because they have the coolest digital camera with them.

Before buying A Car

If you're planning to buy a car then what type of car do you want? Or should i say, what type of car you SHOULD buy? There are so many things to consider before you buy a car. These factors include your budget. Your budget will tell what type of car you can afford.
You should also buy the car that will suits your need. Where will you use your car? Will you use it for your business, work or family use?
If you're into camping, then most likely you will buy pickups or something that can carry your heavy luggage. If you're planning to use car everyday, then choose a small car (right enough for your family). It is pretty sensible to buy small vehicle that saves fuel and is easy to manouvre around the city. It is also advisable if you are working man who used to travel almost everyday to reach the office.
It is also up to you if you're kinda choosy when it comes to brand.
Remember that buying a car follows certain responsibilities. You will now be in charge to keep your car in good condition for better performance. You should also get your car something like
Auto Body Phoenix Repair Service once in awhile to keep your engine and other parts functioning properly.
Get your car an insurance as well to hedge the risk of any devastating loss in case you got involved in a vehicular accident of traffic collision.
Anyway, good luck and congrats to your new care. Enjoy!

Leave it to the experts

I might be the useless guy around our house when it comes to doing heavy house chores haha. Okay, i might be the eldest and I am supposed to do such tasks since Dad is unable to work. He got stroke way back 2001, making half of his body paralyzed so i have no choice but to take all his responsibilities and that includes those heavy house hold manly chores.
I don't know but maybe there are some guys out there who feel the same way hehe. I'm such a clumsy guy you know so i never dare to repair anything in our house. I don't mind cleaning the roof and emptying those clogged gutters but when it comes to repair, I might have a doubt.
Just like our broken garage door. It was left unrepaired for more than a month until mom decided to hire a repair service, something like that Garage doors Portland Services in Oregon.
Well, maybe she realized that it is much better to leave that task to the expert instead of taking the risk of letting me repair it knowing that i do not have any knowledge on how to repair garage door. The lifespan of garage doors depends on how well the workmanship is and how well the Installation is done.
I know it should always not be the case, i better start changing myself. Besides, taking manly house chores isn't a bad idea at all. As a matter of fact, it is a great exercise and will help my mom to save money.
But then, there are some cases that it is much better and more practical to hire experts than doing the task alone.

No Need for SEO Specialist

Competition in the web market is getting tougher and tougher everyday making it hard for those business starters to make their product or services more visible online. Well, let's just say that not all business holders have that extensive knowledge to that so called Search Engine Optimization or simply known as SEO. SEO is absolutely the best way to make your site more visible on the web and of course, everything is just like a logic, the more visible your site is, the higher the tendency to attract buyers or customers.
Again not all is gifted with this skill unless you undergo several training programs about it but then again, it's quite time consuming on your part. Some business owners hire SEO specialist to help their business grow online.
It is not always the case, you can now generate more traffic to your site without hiring any SEO specialist and that is in the nature of business free classifieds. You will received lots of benefits from free classified ads online because aside from allowing you to promote your products for free, it gives you a chance to generate more traffic to your site too. So as the numbers of daily visitors to your site. Again, the more visible your site is, the more customers will come and buy your products.
So why don't you give it a try guys. You might be putting yourself in one of those successful entrepreneurs today.
If you are interested, you can check and see how these classified ads work. Happy blogging everyone

Doing House Chores

I am so proud that my mom taught us how to become responsible and that includes doing several house chores. She used to give us schedule to fulfill within a day and she never let us leave our rooms messy. To be honest, i really hate doing house chores because aside from being so time consuming, most of the chores that my mom assigning to me are those manly and hard chores. Well, i can't blame her. My dad is already disable and unable to do anything so I understand the fact that being the eldest, i take all his responsibilities.
So whenever there's a problem in our roof, then i have no choice but to fix it or ask someone to assist me. Same thing goes with other issues like water leakage from the basement, plumbing or piping issues and even cleaning our windows usually the windows in our second floor since those areas are really hard to reach.
But that was before. I am working now and I just don't have enough time to do such task so instead letting my mom do it by herself, i just hire someone to fix it. Just like now, our windows in our kitchen needs replacement. I might get something like that Windows Portland Replacement Service in Oregon instead of asking someone from the neighborhood. Much better if I hire expert so at least I know that they can do the job properly and satisfactorily right?
That's all for today guys, Hope you had a great weekend. Cheers!

Be Like Tiger Woods

Who among us do not know anything about Tiger Woods? Well, I think most of us are so amazed by his extreme talent in golfing. Yup! He's an icon and almost all golfers are looking up to him (except for his sex addiction and marital issues LOL).
I actually know nothing about Golf but with Tiger Woods, I somehow find the game quite interesting. I have watched some of his games on TV and I feel like I wanna try this sport someday.
Did you know that Tiger Woods is considered as a Child prodigy? He learned how to play gold at the age of two! Amazing isn't (now i am ashamed of myself haha). He already joining championship games at a very young age and won his first ever championship award at the age of ten. With that, i am not wondering anymore why Tiger Woods is an Icon and extremely indisputable in this field of sport. And don't ask why he is now considered as one of the richest athletes of the decades. His popularity brought him to many endorsements and more. He's one of the highest paid athletes too.
So would you like to be him someday? Don't worry it's not really ambitious. It's possible! With proper training and hard work, you can!
Start challenging yourself. Why not try those exciting Golf Courses Portland in Oregon. It's a great start indeed.

Game Designing

I am such a video game lover. From Arcades, PlayStation, Xbox, PSP, Gameboy and PC games. Name it! I was able to play them all. I used to play video games since i was in grade school. I remember, me and my classmates used to visit an arcade shop almost everyday after our schools. Until now, I am still hooked in some video and online games. Well, i am not a game enthusiasts and I am not a hustler too! I am playing those games just for fun and i feel life I'm in a different world every time i play each games.
I love Role Playing Games the most but I don't mind playing those strategy and fighting games as long as there is a storyline involved. I don't mind playing online casinos too if my budget will allow me.
I remember when i was a kid, I used to create my own game too. Well, maybe i was really influenced by those video games that's why i ended up building my own. I create my own stories, characters and gaming strategies. I used to draw them all on papers and then I will invite my cousins to play with me.
I think i am different from other kids before. I used to isolate myself from them and instead of playing outside, i would rather stay inside the house and do my own thing. I love to draw a lot and it's like i am creating my own world through my imagination.
Guess what, Milzon and I tried to experiment what else can we do with the Paint tool and we ended up making a 2d fighting game.

Here's how it looks like haha. The images are not that good since it is so damn hard to control the cursor.

Of course, we created our very own characters.

And here are the skills to be used by each characters.
We used three dices here and roll them all per turn. Sum up the total numbers and then it is up to you if you are going to use that amount to move or to attack. Let say you got 10 points, if you choose to Move, then you should move the character 10 steps forward; If you choose to Attack then you can use your skill to damage your opponent's life.
In Moving, you just have to select the character using the "Select Tool" and move them according to the points that you get after rolling the dice.

Sounds fun right? ahaha you can try it too.
Okay! I know this is a desperate act from me but i guess this is a good stepping point if i want to become a game developer someday (oh God... does it sounds so ambitious??)
Well, good thing there are game designing schools out there who are willing to teach those aspiring game designer like me.
I guess i better take a degree in game design to prove myself if i really have what it takes... What yah think?

Making Your Car More Appealing

We all want the best for our cars right? And as a car owner, you will give all your best just to make it more appealing and eye catching as much as possible.
There are so many ways to make your car more appealing than ever, here are some tips.
Install some cool Audio system. Audio system plays a very important role in giving your car a make over. Just imagine how great it feels when your driving all the way to your destination while listening a a nice sound track using the audio system in your car. It will not just make your car more appealing but it will also make you feel more relaxed while driving.
Change your Car Seat and Floor Mats. Seeing the same ambiance could be very boring so why not change something in your car to make it more interesting again. Get some fluffy and cuddly front and back seat covers and have some furry and comfy floor mats.
Add some cool gadgets. There are so many gadgets today that you can buy to be added in your car like the GPS System. While some car has a built in GPS, you can still upgrade yours by purchasing those latest model. Go get some portable Dvd Player too for entertainment purposes.
Change the Wheels. Wheels have different designs so if you want to make your car unique than why not change your wheels into something special. I have heard that there are manufacturers who are accepting customized wheel designs.
Change the Color. They said that the car reflects the personality of its owner so go ahead and do some extreme makeover. Would you imagine a conservative girl driving Big wheels? LOL. You can bring it on an expert auto repair shop and they will surely provide your desired look for your car.
Upgrade the Engine. All the things i mentioned above will be useless if your car can't perform well. The engine should be upgraded first before anything else. But make sure you bring it on a very reliable shop like that Auto Repair Hillsboro Shop in Oregon. They are known for providing high quality services and they have been in the industry for a very long time. It is important that you choose the right shop for a much better result.

Life of a Working Student

When i was in Second Year College, i decided to rent a boarding space so that it will be easy for me to reach the school and this is also a great way so that I don't have to travel that far every day. However, being far away from your family is probably the hardest consequence of that decision. Even how often we call each other everyday, I'm still missing them but then i do not have any choice but to bear all that sacrifices for the sake of my education.
Well, even though i am far away from them, i am still the one supporting them financially from time to time. I was a working student that time and i managed to budget my income for my educational needs and also to support my mom with her finances. Dad suffered from Stroke which made him disable and unable to work. Since then, i took the responsibility at home, supporting them financially as far as i can.
I am the only one they can count on when it comes to financial matter so i really try my best to help them even if it means i have to obtain Online Cash Loans from some reliable online lending companies like the Capital Finance Web. This kind of loans are actually a great option if you ever need an emergency fund because you can do the application at the very comfort of your home without the hassle of waiting since you can get the approval at the same day, so as the money.
Good i can always apply for this loan in case of emergency.

During the Holy Week

Gosh! I am really short today. It all started after that week long vacation. During the Holy Week, my family and I decided to visit our relatives from the province. Well, it's been a tradition already for our family to visit them every Holy Week. There are so many churches there in Alaminos Pangasinan which made it perfect for us to do the so called "Visita Iglesia". Visita Iglesia is a Holy Week tradition for us, Christians, which is done every Maundy Thrusday. Here, we will visit 9 to 14 churches to state the 14 stations of the cross.
Anyway, we had so much fun there. We stayed there for almost one week at my cousin's house. However , visiting the province is not as easy as what you think especially that the shipping fare is increasing almost every year, making it not so affordable. Not to mention the other expenses once we hit the province since we also have to buy some presents for our relatives.
Well good thing i managed to apply for a PayDay Loan before the Holy week arrived. That's why we were able to visit them with no worries. Good thing there are such lending companies that offer this so called payday loans. The amount you can get here is not as high compare to other big time loans like business or housing loans but it is good enough to cover all your expenses for the rest of the month.
Application for this kind of loan can also be done online.Payday Loans Online are highly in demand today. If you want to find out how it works, you can visit and see what else the site has to offer for you. Hope you find this info useful too.
Have a great day and happy blogging.

Window Cleaning Service

Cleaning your window is obviously an easy and a Do it Your Own activity. However, if we are talking about windows that are hard to be reached by ordinary house cleaning equipment, then what you need is to hire something like Window Cleaning Portland Services.
Take note that the appearance of a house reflects the personality of the owner and I'm sure you do not want to be judged by simply ignoring a dusty window right?
Well, the advantage of hiring a professional window cleaner is the time that you can save from doing such task. Just imagine how time consuming it could be and how risky it is to clean those hard to reach windows at your house.
They sure have the right equipments and they are well trained to do such thing. Cleaning it all by yourself will not ensure that your house will be free from dusty particles since there are things that cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning equipments. For those who has Asthma or allergy for example, can't live in such dusty environment so in order to avoid any worst case scenario, better get a window cleaning service not just to make your house more appealing but also to have a clean and dust free environment.
How about you guys? Have you tried hiring an expert Window Cleaning Service? How does it help you? Feel free to share your thoughts here. Have a great day and happy blogging.

Busy this Summer?

Believed it or not but Summer is actually the most boring season for me. I know you are probably thinking of hitting the beach by now and enjoy your summer vacation but for a loner guy like me, i would rather stay inside my house than hanging out with my friends in the beach. I don't know but for some weird reasons, i never enjoy the beach no matter how hot the temperature is and no matter how hard my friends convinced me to go with them. I am an Internet Savvy guy and i spent most of my time online. My work barely relying on it and in case i want to have fun, all i have to do is to visit some of my favorite sites like YouTube or iTunes or play some of my favorite gaming sites. I used to play Casino games than those MMORPG games. Well For me, Casino is more challenging and more exciting since you will be opposing against real Casino player here and you will be dealing with money as well.
Unlike other games, Casino games have no winning formula. It all depends on your strategy and how well you manage it in order to beat other players online. Among all the Casino games, my personal favorites would be Roulette and the Slot Machines since both of them require no skills or technique in order for you to win. You're lucky if you found sites that offer some free slots spins that can definitely maximize your chances of winning without spending much of your money.
Since we're talking about money here, i suggest that you choose the gambling site wisely to avoid or keep yourself away from being scammed. Well good thing, there are several online organization group that aims to protect online casino players from scams. One of this trustworthy sites would be the eCOGRA Casinos that list down all the reliable and safe gambling sites for you. Same thing goes with the Neteller Casinos , another online organization. With sites like these, i have nothing to worry about. They really helped me a lot and provide me the best gambling and playing experience ever.
Well, my Summer will not be that boring at all since i have some thing to keep myself busy at home. Cheers!

Stressing Task

Out of all the house chores, cleaning the carpet is what i hate the most. Well, in my case, we do not have a vacuum cleaner so I have no choice but to clean i manually. It is very stressing and consume most of my time. Well, we actually have a vacuum cleaner before however Milzon broke it and now, it's useless.
Mom is too busy and she just can't include a Vacuum cleaner on her budget. This equipment may ruin her budget as well so i dare not force her to buy one. So in the end, i have to sacrifice and bear all the stress of cleaning our carpet in a manual way.
Well some of my friends told me that i can actually rent a heavy duty carpet cleaner from shops like Rental Equipment Portland in Oregon. Well the good thing about these Rental Equipment shops is that you do not have to pay the item in full cost and you can save a lot of money from it.
There is also a great tendency that the item or equipment that they allow to be rented are those products that are high in quality and provides satisfying service.
I just wish i can find one near in my place. I guess i better ask my friends about this. They sure know where I can find one.
Hey guys, how about you? Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to leave your comments here.
Have a great day and Happy blogging.

Luxurious and Romantic Wedding

The wedding that my mom and I attended last year at FernBrooks Garden is truly unforgettable. That was my first time to experience attending a very luxurious Wedding. Its actually my Ate Carmela's wedding and we were very lucky that we are one of the invited guests. What makes this wedding remarkable? Well, take a view at these photos below. Thanks to James for taking a high quality photos of the event. Gosh, he took it like a pro don't you think?

This is the Chapel outside. It is located at the center of these wide grass field so you will hear no horns or noises from the street. Just the romantic aura and a beautiful and stunning ambiance.

This is the altar. Wow, i am still amazed with these photos and never get tired of viewing them over and over again.

A very nice fountain outside the chapel. Simply amazing!

The chapel is located near a river and it is also a part of the venue once you rented it.
Here's how it looks at night. Very Romantic right?

My Ate Heidi and his escort walking in the isle.

The bride with her gorgeous wedding dress.
Well, i know i can never have this wedding that's why i am very thankful to Carmela for allowing me to experience this once in a lifetime event. Actually, this is my dream wedding! I want my wedding to be held on a place near the nature. I want a venue that is calm and quiet and somehow romantic like this. Though i don't want it to be as luxurious as Carmela's wedding. I much prefer those Weddings Vancouver WA has. The venue is simple yet good and romantic enough for a couple. I wish i could have this ideal wedding of mine in the near future.

I'm a Pet Lover

This photo was taken few months ago when we went to our province in Pangasinan. Are they so lovely? I wonder how much a pet rabbit will cost? I really want to own one but i just don't know how demanding they are and how expensive they could be.
I am such a pet lover and actually right now, we do have 6 pets in our house. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and a fish. Snoopy is my oldest dog and my best buddy and he was given to me by my Uncle as his birthday gift. The two puppies came in to our family just recently. They are Madel and Thia. Madel has a black complexion while Thia is a spotted one.
I have 2 cats namely Mingming and Junix. And we also have one Arwana fish too.
Well, knowing the fact that we have 6 pets already, maybe i am just too ambitious to want another pet rabbit haha.
Pets are just like humans. They have feelings too and they should be treated properly. It is also our responsibility to bring them to a Veterinarian in a regular basis.
River Road To Animal, Vet Tacoma in Washington is well known for providing high quality service for your pets. Their hospital is fully equipped with all the necessary equipments for your pet.
From Medical Care, Surgery, Ultrasound, Dental, Laboratory and Grooming. Name It! They can do it all for your pet! If you are interested, you can visit them at and see other services they can offer for you.

Aspiring Architect

For those who do not know yet, let me share you my job experience in a House Design one more time. That was way beyond my imagination that i will be working in a company related to Architecture. Yup! Who would have thought that an Education Student like me will work in a company of a different field right?
Well, it was just a contractual job but i can say that i really learned a lot from it and i enjoyed every seconds of my stay there.
It is actually a Japanese Owned company and my job is to layout or plot a design. No i am not designing the whole house! Each departments are assigned for a specific task and i belong to the group where my duty is to plot a design for the house' foundation. I learned a lot from this company. I learned how to use Autocad and Architrend which are both software tools for most architects.
Anyway, my supervisor was about to make me a regular employee but i refused since i have to continue my study and I was there only for a part time job. They told me that they are planning to transfer me to another higher department which is either the Wall or the Roofing department. The roofing department is the most interesting of all because we all know Japan houses are known for their unique design and i always wanted to know how they are being planned. I'm sure they also hired expert roofers for it like those Roofers Portland Oregon has.
Though it's kinda weird because this company is based here in the Philippines instead of Japan. I have heard that they are sending the plans that are made here to Japan and let the workers do the construction. Interesting.

Car Trouble... Help!!

Hi guys, i think i need your help now. It's been a week now since my start dad to complain about his car. I don't know the exact details of it but according to him, every time he starts the car, it is acting like it is out of gas. My dad is not fond of bringing his car into a repair shop and he tend to solve his issues alone. And he's been very busy these past few days, trying to fix this issue. OH and he don't even want to be disturbed. I am so worried about this guys and i really need your help.
You know what, in order for his car to stay running, he always have to pump the gas. I know it is not right and we even tried using carb cleaner for it but still getting the same issue.
I wish i can encourage him to take it to a shop near us and i wish we could find something like Auto Body Repair Portland shop in Oregon. I have heard so many good things from that shop from some of my blogger friends.
They said that it could be a sign that there is a problem with my dad's car's fuel injector. Some of my friends told me to try using fuel filter which is also the cheapest fix that my dad can offer for his car and also they advised me to change the air filter too as it can also cause the car to run erratically.
Have you experienced the same issue guy. Feel free to comment her and i will tell it to my dad.

Advantage of Marble

Marble is probably the most in demand material today. It's like a versatile kind of material that can be used in so many ways. It can be used effectively as floor tile and also a good material as kitchen countertops.
Ever wonder why most people are into marble? Well simply because marble provides high quality that non of any other material can offer. It is a kind of material that can last for a very long period of time. It has this natural beauty that never fades and has this glossy effect that can add more color to your room.
Compare to other materials like ceramic and glass, marble is so easy to clean and to maintain. Kitchen can always be messy because we used to do all our cooking activities here. Whenever a sauce spilled on the countertop, it is kinda stressful to remove the dirt in each and every corner of the tiles unlike marble that has very smooth surface finishing where in you can remove the dirt with no ease.
It's true that marble is quite expensive than any other materials but the fact that marble can last for a very long time, the money that you'll spend for it is truly worth it.

Clean Your Gutters This Spring

Spring is just around the corner and i guess it is the right time for you to inspect your gutters and remove all those leaves being clogged on the roof during the past winter. Actually it is best that you clean off your gutters at least 3 - 4 times a year to protect your roof from any damages.
Cleaning your gutters isn't that hard as long as you implement proper precautions while doing it. Go borrow, buy or rent a sturdy ladder and ask someone from your family or neighbor to help you out. Of course you can't do this all alone. You need someone to assist you in going up and down the ladder.
Again, you should implement proper precautions while doing this chore. Make sure that you keep the ladder away from any power lines which will definitely cause hazard. Always keep in mind that your safety should come first and it is more important than cleaning your gutters. This is the reason why you should always have someone to assist you.
After removing all the leaves and branches, make sure that the water can freely flow on it. Pour water on it and let it flow to check if they are working properly.
Cleaning Gutter is a bit time consuming and is surely a hassle to everyone. Actually, you can simply hire something like the Gutter Cleaning Portland services to unclog the gutters for you in no time. And i guess that is a practical option to make.

She's Moving

Moving to a new house is probably one of the hardest things to do. Well aside from the stress that you can get from taking out all those appliances and other things, you also have to think on how clean all the mess that you left on that house. Well, this is obviously the reason why there are janitorial services out there that you can avail to help you out with this problem. Yup, you heard that right. Janitors are not just for schools, hospitals and other commercial and public establishments. You can also get janitorial services for your house whether you like it as a permanent service or a one time service only. This is actually what i told to my Auntie who is now moving to a new place. The pictures i have here are taken from her old house but the shipping of her things are not yet done and they are still working on it.
I told her that it is kinda unfair for the next family who will be staying here if they see all these mess. I suggest her to get a janitorial service like those Janitorial Services Seattle Washington has. This will help her to at least lessen the stress and the pressure.

Well just look at the mess here! Waaah so irritating right?

Pirates and Treasures

I was watching "One Piece" awhile ago and they had a great episode today. For those who is not familiar with this Japanese Anime, One Piece is a Japanese Anime inspired from a manga series. It tells a story of Monkey D Luffy who is a pirate trying to navigate the sea in the search of the King of Pirates known as Gold Roger. During his expedition, he met some friends along the way who became his pirate crew. It includes Zoro the swordman,Usoop the inventor, Nami the navigator, Zanji the Chef, Chopper the doctor, Nico Robin the archeologist, the shipwright Franky and the musician Brook. I'm a big fan of this anime and never miss any of their episodes.
I don't know , maybe i am just so fascinated with pirates. I remember when i was a kid, my friends and i used to play treasure hunting games where we play the role of pirates.
I think Pirates are always wired with treasure hunting . I just don't know the history behind it but every time we hear about pirates, they are always associated with treasures.
But of course in real life, treasure hunting is done not in a crucial way in which pirates always does. And also, not all treasure is hidden within the treasure chest. Modern treasure hunters are now using modern tools in hunting like those treasure metal detectors including XJ9-3050, one of the best quality metal detectors today and mostly used by professional treasure hunters world wide. Through this gadget, they can track treasure easily. Amazing isn't?


Finally, i got my laptop repaired. It's been a week since i brought it to a technician. If you are following this blog, then you are aware what happen few weeks ago. My lappie was causing trouble and for some reason, it shot down automatically while i am in the middle of something. It happened repeatedly and it made me so upset. This is the reason why i decided to take it directly to the computer dealer and lt their technician fix it. They told me to leave the lappie at their shop and they will just contact me once they're done repairing it. At last! My laptop is back, however, all the files were gone because they reformatted it.
Anyway, that's not really a big deal since i have back up copies of those files on my desktop. Though the games that i downloaded there were completely gone since i removed all the games in my desktop last month. Too bad i have to start from scratch again. But since the technician told me not to download so many files in my lappie, i guess i will just stick on playing my favorite browsergames especially Dragonica. It is a 3d browser game that offers a very exciting epic adventure. So if you are a fantasy game lover like me, better include Dragonic in your game list.
Here's the game trailer.

Job Opportunities Abroad

It's really hard to find a job today especially if you are targeting to work abroad. We are experiencing global financial crisis and the competition on the job market gets tougher and tougher everyday. I am not wondering why the unemployment rate in the country is continuously increasing and i just wish the government will take action on that. But of course, we should not be depending that much on the Government. We should take an action too.
If you want to ace that job then better give your best. Showcase and promote yourself during the interview. Don't rely on your written document. Your portfolio plays a very important role because a lot of employers today are looking for a good educational attainment and good employment record but of course, they are not mainly relying on those information. They are also looking for an applicant with the right attitude. Groom properly before the interview so that you can make a good first impression.
Anyway, the most important here is that you know what company you are applying for and you know what job you are trying to enter. It is very important that you love what you are doing in order to become more productive on your work. Be on an industry that you are passionate with. If you are good in communication skills and have experience in sales , then better grab those Chicago sales jobs opportunities. Many of us has been targeting to work in US because of greater opportunities being offered there. It just so happen that i came across a website last night that encourages job seekers to enter insurance sales industry. Insurance companies are really in demand lately and it only shows how stable this field of work is.
If you are interested you can check their official page at and see what else the site has to offer for you. Wish you all the best guys.
Have a great day and happy blogging.


I was with my cousin yesterday when we hit the mall to grab for some highly discounted products when i decided to visit an appliance center shop. I really love going here and check the high tech gadgets being showcased there. I saw that they are offering huge discount for their LCD TV. I am really confused about the difference between an LCD TV and a LED TV. I wonder which is much better too. I did some research online and i found out that LED TV is the improved version of LCD. I also heard that LED TV is much better because it is more energy efficient than LCD. They are also made to provide high quality pictures that are greater than what LCD TV can provide.
But of course, LCD televisions are way cheaper than the LED TV but other than that, i cannot see too much of a difference between the LCD and the LED TV. Both of them are great and will definitely give you that entertaining watching experiences that you've been looking for.
There's nothing too much difference between the two unless we are referring about the brand. Some gadgets today are being imitated by other companies so it is better to buy your item from well trusted online shop or tv dealer.
So how about you? Which do you prefer? LCD or LED TV?

Wedding of the Decade!

Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alacasid Wedding is definitely considered as the wedding of the decade. We've been following this couple from the very beginning and until now that they get married. Both of them have been in some trials and challenges but they were able to surpass everything. The wedding was held last December 22 and all of us have witnessed the much anticipated event last year as it was aired on the national tv.
It was really an extra ordinary wedding because unlike the traditional church wedding, the couple decided to held it on a private resort that is located on a high land. Unlike the typical wedding gown, Regine wore a red dress and pair of boots which was designed by the famous Hollywood designer Monique Lhuillier.
Regine has arrived through a white Limousine which is exactly the same as what i saw at Extreme Limo Portland site!
The wedding was attended by major sponsors and biggest names in both political and entertainment industries including President Noy!

If i won a Lottery

I came across Marikoy's blog and found out that she quickly responded upon my previous post about Instant money. She even asked me back about the things that i will do if ever i won a lottery. Winning a lottery is what every man's dream. Having an instant money like that is definitely something that will change my life forever.
So going back to Marikoy's question.. Here are the things that i will do if ever i won a lottery.
First, i will be all the things that me and my family needs.
Will buy a house.... no not a house... a Mansion!!

Gadgets for me and my siblings
Of course, i will lend money for charitable institutions too!
Just like what they said... Caring is sharing!

I will also start a big business to make my income stable.
The rest of the money will be kept in the bank.
Maybe i'll try invest some of it into some networking and investing companies... So that i could get some profit to it. I'll maybe try to join some well trusted cash gifting programs to earn more profit.
I know that lotteries will give you one in a million chance to win but there's nothing wrong in joining such games as long as you're not doing something illegal right?

Movie Marathon

Cousin Ichan and I had another Movie marathon session last week. We grabbed the opportunity to watch our favorite movies while we were both on holiday vacation. If i am not mistaken, we have watched almost 14 movies for just a week.

(Watching movie using my HP Laptop)
(Watching Card captor Sakura the Movie)

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