Sauna Experience

Have you ever been to a sauna before? How did it feel like? Did you enjoy it? Would you mind going to the same place more often if you'll be given enough time? I certainly would. I have been there before and I want to experience more times. I remember how awkward it was during my first time. I was too shy to remove my shirt and go topless in front of other people. The sauna place gave us a couple of body towel and they took us to a certain cabin-like room made out of wood. It was hot but you can feel some sort of energy that gave me more strength. It felt like it drained out all the stress I felt inside and recharged my batteries I can't remember how much we paid for that specific session, but I know it's quite expensive.
Actually nowadays, you do not have go to the spa to experience the sauna. If your budget allows, you can now have one of those commercial infrared sauna(s) at home. It offers the same kind of experience. Of course, you must have enough space to accommodate the infrared sauna(s) indoors It's quite ideal for a busy person like me who can't afford the time to drive somewhere for these kinds of extra activities. I have heard that this infrared sauna is effective weight loss procedure. Well then, since I am so desperate to lose weight, then I must give it another try! Haha.