Opening My Heart .... Again

The month of Hearts finally arrived and it seems that time is running so fast don't you think? We are now on the fourth day of February and we are just ten days away from the much awaited Valentines Day. I'm sure you guys already came up with a nice and romantic plan for your girlfriend. Unfortunately for me, it seems that I am going to celebrate this occasion alone. I don't even know if it is really appropriate to use the term "celebrate", because I am not literally celebrating it at all. Here come one lonely Valentines Day again. It has been two years in  a row now that I am single.
My friends even teasing me because I don't have any dates this Valentines day and I am really disappointed for myself. I love to be single and I wouln't mind staying in such state for the next two years. However, i started to feel like my friends are right. I should find  someone that could inspire me again. I had a some horrible relationships in the past and neither one of them worked out. I am so afraid and decided not to have one until I reached the age of 25. Maybe it is time to open my heart again and look for someone who can change my lonely life for good. A friend of mine encouraged me to some free dating sites, hoping that I can find the right one through this highly interactive social networking sites.
I went over to and interestingly, I find it very fascinating. It allows me to create my own profile and do several online stuffs like chatting, adding friends, messaging and video chats. It allows me to interact with other people online who's sharing the same state like me. It is an interesting way indeed to keep me out from this lonely world right.
Anyway, i hope you guys have a wonderful date!