Attracted to Watches

Men like us are not that materialistic and we are not that obsess in buying and shopping for some goodies, accessories and jewelries. We are more into cars and gadgets but if there’s one accessory that we can be hooked with, that might be watches.

My Uncle Stewart used to collect watches and he puts them on shelves and displayed when they are not in used. I even saw some cool Rolex Watches from his collection. We know how cool and elegant Rolex watches are. They are very stylish and can be worn in any type of occasion. I am actually dreaming to have one, even just the cheapest one. Men like us cannot easily be attracted to those accessories except for those cool Authentic Rolex watches…

Monitor Issue

My monitor started to give me some trouble again. It sated to shut down for no reasons again and it happens intermittently. It is kinda upsetting because I just had it be repaired last week but I think the condition is still same and the monitor is giving me the same problem. Okay, I am not that techie, I know some basic troubleshooting but fixing the monitor is not my expertise. Maybe I have to replace it now and but a brand new one. I will buy one but definitely not his month because I have so many things to buy this month in preparation of the Christmas, my upcoming birthday, and of course New Years Eve. Anyway, I guess, I have to use my laptop first and do my online activities here. I recently discovered a new On line casino too so maybe I will just play it using my laptop. Yikes… I am not used with this laptop… I want my Desktop back… sobs!


It is said the Drinking Red Wine can be healthy as it produce an anti oxidant known as Reservatrol. Reservatrol is an antioxidant found in red wine and is said to help fight inflammation. Reservatrol has been widely associated with health benefits ranging from anti aging to boosting antiviral treatments. There even some studies stating that it can also help you fight blood clots and cancer. Reservatrol can also be an effective tool for weight loss. However, buying reservatrol could be very risky especially if you landed on a wrong dealer. I suggest that you read some reliable resveratrol reviews before buying any item., listed the top three reservatrol products with a details and very comprehensive review about them. You can also see how the customers rate their products which will make it easy for you to compare each reservatrol items. Just be observant and always be wise when buying any products.

Payday Loans and Christmas Preparation

Philippines is well known for being one of the countries that has the longest Christmas celebration. We celebrate Christmas here as early as September. People begin decorating their house, buying Christmas trees, Christmas shopping rush and more. Another notable tradition that we have every Christmas is the celebration done in a very luxurious way. Yup! You heard that right. Christmas Eve here is being celebrated as if there is a feast going on. We are very happy people and we love parties. However, you cannot have that luxurious celebration if you do not have enough budget right? This is the reason why most people are saving their money and minimize their spending to prepare for such a very special occasion like this. Actually, it is not necessary to cut your budget or minimize your daily and normal spending just to meet the right budget for Christmas because you can just apply for payday loans online! If you need instant money to cover or shoulder the rest of your expenses, then applying for payday loans online is the best option for you. You can get quick approval when you apply for payday loans online compare to other lending companies that takes decades to you approved. These loans are very easy to pay too since they are not that big compare to some major loans like housing and business loans. So go ahead and celebrate Christmas as luxurious as you want it to be without worrying about the budget!

My Dream Country

If there’s one country that i would love to visit and would love to stay for good, that would be Canada. I just find how organize this country is. They even have this junk removal services that you can avail just by calling their junk removal company at 1-888-JUNK-VAN. Unlike here in our area, we do not have such services and our home owners officials are not that prioritizing sanitation and cleanliness in our subdivision. If we only have that kind of junk removal services, we will not have to worry about those garbage truck collection delays. I have lots of relatives in Canada too and it would be nice to meet them in person. How about you guys, are you dreaming to visit a country someday or even stay there for good? What country is it and why?

Dry Hair Problems

I had this “dry hair” problem before and i remember how long does it take for me to find the perfect solution to remedy it. I used to style my hair with hair gels which damages my hair so badly. We have tried different, artificial and natural solution for it. I remember, someone told me to apply mayonnaise on my hair and have it stay for almost half an hour. According to them, this will give your hair moisture and revitalize it. Applying Aloe Vera can be very helpful too. However, using these natural methods has no assurance whether they are really helpful or not. Going to a salon is the best way to remedy your damaged hair; however, this can be a very expensive and very time consuming solution. Actually, the simplest yet effective way to remedy your dry and damaged hair is through the use of some effective dry hair products. These dry hair products will help you to revitalize and bring your hair moisture back.

Did you know that Joico makes a broad selection of
hair color products? Their salon-quality hair products such as their K-PAK Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner are world class.

Korean Fashion

Korean Pop groups made such a big impact not just in their hometown but also to almost all countries here in Asia including Philippines. I don’t know why and what kind of charisma they have and how they were able to attract foreign countries despite of their music that mostly used Korean languages. Well, even though i don’t understand their lyrics, i still love listening to their pop style. But what bi love most is their sense of fashion. Koreans are known for their distinct and unique fashion statement and hairstyles. Some might find their clothes a little bit weird but for the most teenagers, this kind of fashion is cool and one of a kind. If you are a Korean fan and highly influenced by their pop culture, I’m sure you are well aware of the Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, 2ne1, Super Juniors, Beast and more! Cheers! That’s a Korean Fever!

Did you know that Joico makes a broad selection of
hair color products? Their salon-quality hair products such as their K-PAK Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner are world class.

End Of the World

Have you ever thought about the end of the world? Have you ever imagine what exactly will happen when that time comes. If you have watched films like 2012, Independence Day, Deep Impact, End of the World and others, you will definitely have the idea how tragic it could be. But is it really as tragic as those films or they are just created by the wild imagination of those film directors. Anyway, according to our pastor, as he explained us about The Rapture of the Church, he told us that the rapture is not something to frightened to but something that we should all look forward to. God will bring the Death back to life and will give them an eternal life in heaven.

Preparing For His Wedding

I've been trying so many ways to cut off all the calories i gained for the past 2 months. i am invited to my cousin's wedding this coming February and i only have few months left to prepare. I have done all the procedure i know like minimizing my foods, exercising regularly, and even taking diet pills. In fact, a friend of mine told me to try to go to an infrared sauna. I have been hearing about these infrared saunas from my blogger friends and how these saunas can help you to lose weight much faster. These saunas are said to be an effective weight loss procedure as it helps you to burn as many as 350 calories per session. I wonder if there are nearest spas here in my area that offers the same treatment.

Wrong Disgnosis

I was one of the people who have seen my Grandma’s death. I’ve been a grandma’s boy ever since. I grew up with her and spent most of my time with her that is why it is hard for me to accept that she’s not here anymore. I saw how she suffered from her illness. I am the one who monitor her condition every time we will be checking her into a hospital. I remember how much sacrifice I offered that time just to be with her. In fact, I have here one of her last photos taken from the hospital. At first, we really don’t have any idea that she is already suffering from cancer. A month before, the first doctor told us that it is just a complication and it is curable. We took her home, knowing that her condition can be treated by simple medications. Until, one day, she rally gone mad and her condition got worsen. We rushed her into a private hospital and it was diagnosed that she is suffering from the lung cancer and it is quite late for us to save her because the cancer turned malignant and spread over her body. It is very disappointing that we trusted a wrong doctor. Right now, my family and I were planning to hire a Medical Malpracice Attorney and sue that doctor for providing a wrong diagnosis. I know that this is the right thing to do!

The Benefits of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites like Facebook has been a powerful tool to everyone. Facebook in particular can be used in so many ways. Aside from being a personal account that aims to gain friends over the internet, Facebook can also be used for business and promotional purposes. Business nowadays are targeting online costumers and knowing that Facebook is one of social networking sites that has the most number of users, this businesses showcase either their product or services online. You can also make use of this social networking sites to gain link popularity to your site. Placing a link on your tweets or status is one of good examples of promoting your blog. You can encourage other members to visit your blog which can be very useful to generate useful traffic to your site. These social networking sites can also be very useful when there's a natural calamity or other related events. People online or the organizations can ask for help and donations using the sites. They can also be used to scatter a very important messages. I remember how Facebook and Twitter plays a very important role when Typhoon Ondoy hits the Philippines. Facebook and others are also have been used on the recently held 2010 Election, showcasing their candidates and encouraging other people to vote for them. This is how social networking sites helped us. Speaking of Social networking sites, i am excited to watch "Social Network" on theater. It is the story behind the creator of Facebook. Very interesting!

Casino Lovers

My dad and i are certified Online casino lover but i have to admit that my dad is better than I. He's an expert when it comes to online casino. Well, he have been in real casino several times before so i guess that is very reasonable. Even though we both love casino, we are different when it comes to games that we play. He is more of casino card games like Poker and Baccarat. I really find those games quite complicated as they require knowledge, skills and techniques in order to win. My favorite games are Roulette and Keno. They are very much easier than my dad's game. Both roulette and Keno are what so called "game of chance" where everything is just a matter of luck! However, you can still apply some effective strategy to maximize your chances of winning. Well, casino games will always be casino games so no matter how different our games are, we are still classified as casino lovers.

Gogle, Gooogle and Googel is Google?

It's funny but yesterday while i am about to access to search something online, i typed it wrong in the address bar, spelling it as (missing with one "G"). It's too late for me to edit it as I hit the enter key already. I am expecting to see either a new site or a "Page cannot be found error" but surprisingly, it directed me into To make it sure, i tried it again and it's still the same. I made fun of it and tried other url that is possible to redirect me to google site. I tried and and they both redirect me to Maybe google owns these domains too.

Writing Good Content

Yikes... so sorry if it took a decade for me to update this blog... today... i will be sharing some useful information and tips on how to generate more traffic to your site... Well, i am not a professional blogger and i cannot assure you that these techniques will be so effective for your site... i am just basing everything here on my experiences.
I guess the best way to make your blog searchable is to write unique articles. Unique articles wiil attract readers and visitors to your site. Plagiarism is an illegal act of taking an information from a website without the permission of the author. If you need to take articles from a website to make you entry more reliable, it would be better to mention the references in your site. If you took info from Wikipedia, then you must mention to your article that you take it from that site. You should not take the whole information, add your own comments, opinion or suggestions to make it your own.
Writing unique articles will help you not just to generate web traffic but also to enhance your grammar skills. Never be offended, if someone left a negative feedback on your article stating your grammatical errors. This comments will help you to improve your grammar skills and will make you a good writer.
If you are targeting to join or to participate your blog in blog advertising, having a blog with unique articles is a big advantage. Most blog advertising site approves blogs that has unique content. Most advertisers want bloggers who can write unique articles and reviews for their product.

Yahoo Mail Classic or All New Yahoo Mail?

Which do you prefer to use? Yahoo Mail Classic or the All New Yahoo mail?(Yahoo Mail Classic)

(All New Yahoo Mail)
When i was working as a technical support associate, one of the most common issues that we're facing is about our customer's email account.
It all started when our client switch their partnership from Gmail to Yahoo mail. All customers got an email asking them if they want to switch to Yahoo.
And as what we expected, everyone especially new yahoo users got confused. We are all wondering why they find it hard to locate their inbox and their address book even though Yahoomail and Gmail are almost the same.
Then we realized that all customers who switched from Yahoo will be directed on the "All New Yahoo mail" page which is really complicated especially if they are used to Gmail.
The All New Yahoo mail interface is quite complicated and very hard to navigate if you are not familiar with it.
Meanwhile, Yahoo Mail Classic is much neater and has easy navigation where you can easily locate your files and folders. It is also almost the same with Gmail's interface.
If we will be basing it to the features, All NEw Yahoo Mail is the best but if you are going to base it on neatness of the interface and the simplicity as well, then i'll go for the Yahoo mail Classics
How about you? Which do you Prefer? Yahoo Mail Classics or All New Yahoo mail?

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What is Cache?

A cache is a component that improves performance by transparently storing data such that future requests for that data can be served faster. It can be either a reserved section of main memory or an independent high-speed storage device. Two types of caching are commonly used in personal computers: memory caching and disk caching.
Web browsers and web proxy servers employ web caches to store previous responses from web servers, such as web pages. Web caches reduce the amount of information that needs to be transmitted across the network, as information previously stored in the cache can often be re-used. This reduces bandwidth and processing requirements of the web server, and helps to improve responsiveness for users of the web.
As of 2009, modern web browsers employ a built-in web cache, but some internet service providers or organizations also use a caching proxy server, which is a web cache that is shared between all users of that network.

Difference of Cache from Buffer
The terms "buffer" and "cache" are not mutually exclusive and the functions are frequently combined; however, there is a difference in intent.A buffer is a temporary memory location, that is traditionally used because CPU instructions cannot directly address data stored in peripheral devices. Thus, addressable memory is used as intermediate stage.
Also a whole buffer of data is usually transferred sequentially (for example to hard disk), so buffering itself sometimes increases transfer performance or reduce the variation or jitter of the transfer's latency as opposed to caching where the intent is to reduce the latency.
A cache also increases transfer performance

What is the Best Web Browser Part 2
A browser's capability that's beginning to be important in today's age of various scams all over the internet is security. Again, we see that all the browsers have this capability, but security experts claim that Firefox leads the team with respect to integrated security and anti-phishing tools.
Last but not the least, is the speed of the browsers. But in so far, as the faster browser is concerned, we hit a certain problem. At this point, it is unsafe to speculate because there are too many speed results published all over the internet. I could not be absolutely sure which is the fastest.
For example, just recently, when google chrome was l;aunched, experts claimed that it was 4 time faster than safarti, firefox, IE and Opera. however, during the same week, safari released another update and improvement of their browsers claiming faster processing of pages making them twice as fast as the recently released Google chrome. And immediately after, Opera released its Alpha Version of Opera 10, which again claimed to be the fastest in the browser competition. And if that was not enough, just a week after, Google announce it made significant and snappier developments., the declaration go on an on and users are confuse: Which one is really the best?
Well there is one thing that i am sure of: Despite the usability and security of Firefox, IE still has the largest sale on the market worldwide, but developers of other browser are claiming that they are catching up extremely fast as more and more people are depending on firefox and in their everyday browsing and Internet experience.

Online Casino fever!

It is so exciting to play in a real life casino. Few of the most popular casino games would be Poker, a card game; Slot machine games; Roulette; Baccarat; and a whole lot more. This kind of game is already considered as a gambling because you are actually dealing with real money here. However, Casino games are legal games. Did you know that you can also play such games even without going to a casino? Yup! That is by playing Casinos online. There are sites that offer such casino games like online roulette, online poker and more. You can still feel the intense and the thrills being offered by a real casino games. Just like casino, you are going to deal with the real money here so you have to be very careful in choosing the right site. It must be trusted and very reliable. You can check, an online casino directory that provides list of best casino on lines. They also provide some online casino reviews to help you out in choosing what game suits you the best. Have a great day everyone and enjoy playing online casino!

Knowing More About Web Hosting

Which do you consider the best, Free Web Host or Paid Web Host? For me, having your blog under a free Web Host is better but building a blog supported by a Web Hosting Service provider will give you the Best blogging experience. Actually I was planning to build up my own web domain although the problem is that, I don't where and how to start. There are lots of web hosting sites but I am really not so sure which are the best. I was not so familiar with web hosting before and not until I realized that there were actually difference between free web hosting and those which is paid. However, buying a web host is somehow risky especially if you dealt with a non-protected web hosting service provider. is a site that provides reliable web hosting reviews which will help you a lot in deciding what web hosting plan suits you well especially when it comes to budget. The Reviews are detailed enough for you to decide what Web Hosting Provider you're going to be with. The site also provide related information about the web hosting including latest trends in web development, reviews of the best web hosting providers, introduction to CMS, domain names, e-commerce, search engines, web security, and blogging software and a whole lot more. If you are looking for a reliable webhosting review site, just visit where you can check all the information you need. Do not risk your self in buying a web hosting service plan. You have to ensure first that your web hosting provider is protected from harmful software like Malwares that allows hackers to gain access to your account and hack your personal date and information and use it in illegal purposes. Always remember, be aware, be wise and be observant!

What is the Best Web Browser Part 1

Before, there was only one Web Browser. Today, there are more than a hundred browsers out there. But only five compete againsts each other: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome.
A Web Browser allows a computer user to gain access to the web pages. This was its original definition. Today, however, have come along way from its humble roots, and now along the showcasing of pictures, the streaming of Web Media, and even online collaboration through office applications.
What Users Want?
One of the things which users look for is the availability of tab browsing. Before, the only browser that offered it was the Mozilla Firefox. However, because of its popularity, IE, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome have all integrated the tabs to their interface. Another feature that users look for is the availability of add-inns. (Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox)
Add-inns are small applications that can be installed directly into the browsers; these let the users modify their browsing experience. Some of the most popular add-inns include quick image viewers (you point your mouse to the thumbnail pictures and it shows you a bigger view of the image), Web Browser Summary (it gives you the list of the content of the web page's content), and more. As of now, only Opera and Firefox support Add-ons. However, Google Chrome may soon be integrating this feature to their look. The winner in this category is Opera and Firefox.
Now, let's look at the fun side of the browsers and their ability to support themes.

(Customized Theme in Google Chrome)
Themes are the looks that users apply to their browser. Whether using the Halloween, Valentine or Holidays, themes can always add some "mood" or "personality" to your browser. You can even search your own image to it. In this category, even Firefox provides a solid theme database, Google Chrome has a ready to install theme. Safari theme is said to be the most popular even in it's default settings. In this category, Safari and Google Chrome are the winners.
I will continue the "battle of the Browsers" in my next post.

Have you Ever Consider Undergoing Plastic Surgery?

A lot of people nowadays are considering plastic surgery as a great way of achieving their desired body figure. There are now plenty of different kinds of medical practices and procedures that can be applied based on the customer’s needs. The most common medical procedure would be the liposuction where in excess fats from your body where taken out using some medical apparatus. Face Lift and Botox are also common especially for those women who want to prevent their wrinkles in getting worst and make it less visible. If you want to reshape your nose, then Rhinoplasty is perfect for you. Breast Implants are also very common especially for celebrities who want to improve their image. I have a friend here in Philippines and she once undergone a breast operation too. However, in her case, instead of adding or implanting, what she had is a breast reduction. My friend is experiencing a lot of trouble of being an overweight and one of that troubles is her big breast. She’s tired of being teased by everyone and so she made her action and undergone a breast reduction procedure. So far, my friend is very satisfied with the results and she’s now planning to have another cosmetic surgery which is the liposuction to help her to reduce weight much faster. Speaking of breast reduction, Beverly Hills breast reduction in Rodeo Drive Los Angeles is said to be the best when it comes to providing quality procedure and a very satisfying results. They also offer different kind of procedure other than breast reduction like the tummy tuck beverly hills and more. The Rodeo Drive is also known for having state-of-the-art facilities. Here I got some photos taken from their website. Cosmetic Surgery is not bad; however, they are very risky. That is why you have to make sure that you are dealing with a well trusted company and surgeons!

What Browser Should You Use?

What browsers should you use? There are actually few choices, but this guide should help you make a quicker decision as to what browser to use on the web.

Internet Explorer.
Unless your using the latest version (version 8), you're likely to get computer viruses and other online nasties.
Some websites like banking sites and will not work if you're not using Internet explorer.
Old versions don't have tabs so in order to open many sites at the same time, you'll have to run Internet Explorer many times.
There's No updated versions for Mac.

Google Chrome.
It has a simple interface, created by Google.
No version for Mac, so far, but this will change for sure.
Unlike IE, Google Chrome has Tabs, so one program can open several sites.
Claims to be faster than Webkit or Safari.

Mozilla Firefox.
The geek's favorite, because of the way you can add plug-ins to it that can change the behavior of the websites.
Before the advent of Gmail themes, you can already decorate Gmail using Mozilla FireFox.
It has an excellent password remembering tool.
Less vulnerable to viruses.

Flock is a version of Firefox.
It has a built-in social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.
You can easily open your email. There's a menu for it.
You can also blog directly from Flock. Easy!

The "Remember my Password" option doesn't work.
It has a built-in torrent so you can download anything!
No need for Extra programs.
The Opera cache (which is located when you type "about:cache") contains anything you download including Youtube and megavideo streams. Hint, hint!
You can also search with just the mouse using special mouse movements.

Safari/ Webkit
The Webkit version is supposedly the fastest browser around.
Standard browser in the iPhone and the Macintosh.
Add Inquisitor (a plug-in) - and even if you haven't finished typing, results already appear:

My personal choice? Flock and Opera. Flock has the strengths of Mozilla Firefox and Opera has Torrenting built in which id useful sometimes.

What is "Default Gateway?"

One of the access point that plays a very important role especially in configuring your modem is the "Default Gateway". A Default Gateway is the node on the computer network that is chosen when the IP address does not match any other routes in the Routing Table. he gateway is usually the ISP-provided device that connects the user to the Internet, such as a DSL or cable modem.
A default gateway is used by a host when an IP packet's destination address belongs to someplace outside the local subnet. The default gateway address is usually an interface belonging to the LAN's border router.

You can access the Graphical User Interface or GUI of your modem by typing the default gateway numbers on your address bar. n computer networking, a default gateway is the device that passes traffic from the local subnet to devices on other subnets. The default gateway often connects a local network to the Internet, although internal gateways for local networks also exist.

You can access or trace your PC's default gateway by:
◘ Performing an IP Configuration
◘Checking TCP/IP properties
◘ and through checking LAN properties in your control panel

IP Configuration Commands

The Command Prompt is not just for tracking the IP Address. You can also execute dome commands to configure your ip
here are the list of some IP Configuration commands

ipconfig - Display or show basic information
ipconfig /all - Display Full configuration or detailed information
ipconfig /release - Release the IP Address for the specified adapter
ipconfig /renew - Renew the IP Address for the Specified Adapter
ipconfig /flushdns - Purge the DNS Resolver Cache
ipconfig /registerdns - Refresh all DHCP leases and re-register DNS Names
ipconfig / displaydns - Display the contents of the DNS Resolver Cache
ipconfig /showclassid adapter - Display all the DHCP class IDs allowed for adapter
ipconfig /setclassid adapter - Modify DHCP class ID

Aside from Ip configuration, you can also do some commands like Ping
Ping Command is used to test the network connection

You can Ping the ip address by simply typing
ping 192.168.x.x
Ping the modem by typing the default gateway; ping a website by typing the url after the word ping (ping

Tracking your IP Address in Macintosh OS

For troubleshooting Network Connection issues, you may need to find your Ip Address. I am done with the Windows, now let me share you how to track your Ip address for your Macintosh Operating system.
Macintosh is way too different compare to windows. It is easy though you may find it complicated if you get used to Windows as your Operating system.

►Just click the "Apple Logo" on the upper left corner of your screem
► Select "System Preferences" from the menu
►A new window will pop-up, just click the "Network" icon under the "Internet & Network" section

►Select which connection would you like to check in the "Show" drop down menu
◘ select "Built-in Ethernet" if you're hooked up via Ethernet
◘ select "Internal Modem" if you have an IFITL connection
◘Select "Airport" for wireless connection
►Finally, a new screen will show up. Just choose the "TCP/IP" tab and you will have your Ip Address!