Yahoo Mail Classic or All New Yahoo Mail?

Which do you prefer to use? Yahoo Mail Classic or the All New Yahoo mail?(Yahoo Mail Classic)

(All New Yahoo Mail)
When i was working as a technical support associate, one of the most common issues that we're facing is about our customer's email account.
It all started when our client switch their partnership from Gmail to Yahoo mail. All customers got an email asking them if they want to switch to Yahoo.
And as what we expected, everyone especially new yahoo users got confused. We are all wondering why they find it hard to locate their inbox and their address book even though Yahoomail and Gmail are almost the same.
Then we realized that all customers who switched from Yahoo will be directed on the "All New Yahoo mail" page which is really complicated especially if they are used to Gmail.
The All New Yahoo mail interface is quite complicated and very hard to navigate if you are not familiar with it.
Meanwhile, Yahoo Mail Classic is much neater and has easy navigation where you can easily locate your files and folders. It is also almost the same with Gmail's interface.
If we will be basing it to the features, All NEw Yahoo Mail is the best but if you are going to base it on neatness of the interface and the simplicity as well, then i'll go for the Yahoo mail Classics
How about you? Which do you Prefer? Yahoo Mail Classics or All New Yahoo mail?

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