What is Cache?

A cache is a component that improves performance by transparently storing data such that future requests for that data can be served faster. It can be either a reserved section of main memory or an independent high-speed storage device. Two types of caching are commonly used in personal computers: memory caching and disk caching.
Web browsers and web proxy servers employ web caches to store previous responses from web servers, such as web pages. Web caches reduce the amount of information that needs to be transmitted across the network, as information previously stored in the cache can often be re-used. This reduces bandwidth and processing requirements of the web server, and helps to improve responsiveness for users of the web.
As of 2009, modern web browsers employ a built-in web cache, but some internet service providers or organizations also use a caching proxy server, which is a web cache that is shared between all users of that network.

Difference of Cache from Buffer
The terms "buffer" and "cache" are not mutually exclusive and the functions are frequently combined; however, there is a difference in intent.A buffer is a temporary memory location, that is traditionally used because CPU instructions cannot directly address data stored in peripheral devices. Thus, addressable memory is used as intermediate stage.
Also a whole buffer of data is usually transferred sequentially (for example to hard disk), so buffering itself sometimes increases transfer performance or reduce the variation or jitter of the transfer's latency as opposed to caching where the intent is to reduce the latency.
A cache also increases transfer performance

What is the Best Web Browser Part 2

A browser's capability that's beginning to be important in today's age of various scams all over the internet is security. Again, we see that all the browsers have this capability, but security experts claim that Firefox leads the team with respect to integrated security and anti-phishing tools.
Last but not the least, is the speed of the browsers. But in so far, as the faster browser is concerned, we hit a certain problem. At this point, it is unsafe to speculate because there are too many speed results published all over the internet. I could not be absolutely sure which is the fastest.
For example, just recently, when google chrome was l;aunched, experts claimed that it was 4 time faster than safarti, firefox, IE and Opera. however, during the same week, safari released another update and improvement of their browsers claiming faster processing of pages making them twice as fast as the recently released Google chrome. And immediately after, Opera released its Alpha Version of Opera 10, which again claimed to be the fastest in the browser competition. And if that was not enough, just a week after, Google announce it made significant and snappier developments., the declaration go on an on and users are confuse: Which one is really the best?
Well there is one thing that i am sure of: Despite the usability and security of Firefox, IE still has the largest sale on the market worldwide, but developers of other browser are claiming that they are catching up extremely fast as more and more people are depending on firefox and in their everyday browsing and Internet experience.

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