My Dream Country

If there’s one country that i would love to visit and would love to stay for good, that would be Canada. I just find how organize this country is. They even have this junk removal services that you can avail just by calling their junk removal company at 1-888-JUNK-VAN. Unlike here in our area, we do not have such services and our home owners officials are not that prioritizing sanitation and cleanliness in our subdivision. If we only have that kind of junk removal services, we will not have to worry about those garbage truck collection delays. I have lots of relatives in Canada too and it would be nice to meet them in person. How about you guys, are you dreaming to visit a country someday or even stay there for good? What country is it and why?

Dry Hair Problems

I had this “dry hair” problem before and i remember how long does it take for me to find the perfect solution to remedy it. I used to style my hair with hair gels which damages my hair so badly. We have tried different, artificial and natural solution for it. I remember, someone told me to apply mayonnaise on my hair and have it stay for almost half an hour. According to them, this will give your hair moisture and revitalize it. Applying Aloe Vera can be very helpful too. However, using these natural methods has no assurance whether they are really helpful or not. Going to a salon is the best way to remedy your damaged hair; however, this can be a very expensive and very time consuming solution. Actually, the simplest yet effective way to remedy your dry and damaged hair is through the use of some effective dry hair products. These dry hair products will help you to revitalize and bring your hair moisture back.

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Korean Fashion

Korean Pop groups made such a big impact not just in their hometown but also to almost all countries here in Asia including Philippines. I don’t know why and what kind of charisma they have and how they were able to attract foreign countries despite of their music that mostly used Korean languages. Well, even though i don’t understand their lyrics, i still love listening to their pop style. But what bi love most is their sense of fashion. Koreans are known for their distinct and unique fashion statement and hairstyles. Some might find their clothes a little bit weird but for the most teenagers, this kind of fashion is cool and one of a kind. If you are a Korean fan and highly influenced by their pop culture, I’m sure you are well aware of the Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, 2ne1, Super Juniors, Beast and more! Cheers! That’s a Korean Fever!

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hair color products? Their salon-quality hair products such as their K-PAK Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner are world class.

End Of the World

Have you ever thought about the end of the world? Have you ever imagine what exactly will happen when that time comes. If you have watched films like 2012, Independence Day, Deep Impact, End of the World and others, you will definitely have the idea how tragic it could be. But is it really as tragic as those films or they are just created by the wild imagination of those film directors. Anyway, according to our pastor, as he explained us about The Rapture of the Church, he told us that the rapture is not something to frightened to but something that we should all look forward to. God will bring the Death back to life and will give them an eternal life in heaven.

Preparing For His Wedding

I've been trying so many ways to cut off all the calories i gained for the past 2 months. i am invited to my cousin's wedding this coming February and i only have few months left to prepare. I have done all the procedure i know like minimizing my foods, exercising regularly, and even taking diet pills. In fact, a friend of mine told me to try to go to an infrared sauna. I have been hearing about these infrared saunas from my blogger friends and how these saunas can help you to lose weight much faster. These saunas are said to be an effective weight loss procedure as it helps you to burn as many as 350 calories per session. I wonder if there are nearest spas here in my area that offers the same treatment.

Wrong Disgnosis

I was one of the people who have seen my Grandma’s death. I’ve been a grandma’s boy ever since. I grew up with her and spent most of my time with her that is why it is hard for me to accept that she’s not here anymore. I saw how she suffered from her illness. I am the one who monitor her condition every time we will be checking her into a hospital. I remember how much sacrifice I offered that time just to be with her. In fact, I have here one of her last photos taken from the hospital. At first, we really don’t have any idea that she is already suffering from cancer. A month before, the first doctor told us that it is just a complication and it is curable. We took her home, knowing that her condition can be treated by simple medications. Until, one day, she rally gone mad and her condition got worsen. We rushed her into a private hospital and it was diagnosed that she is suffering from the lung cancer and it is quite late for us to save her because the cancer turned malignant and spread over her body. It is very disappointing that we trusted a wrong doctor. Right now, my family and I were planning to hire a Medical Malpracice Attorney and sue that doctor for providing a wrong diagnosis. I know that this is the right thing to do!