Wrong Disgnosis

I was one of the people who have seen my Grandma’s death. I’ve been a grandma’s boy ever since. I grew up with her and spent most of my time with her that is why it is hard for me to accept that she’s not here anymore. I saw how she suffered from her illness. I am the one who monitor her condition every time we will be checking her into a hospital. I remember how much sacrifice I offered that time just to be with her. In fact, I have here one of her last photos taken from the hospital. At first, we really don’t have any idea that she is already suffering from cancer. A month before, the first doctor told us that it is just a complication and it is curable. We took her home, knowing that her condition can be treated by simple medications. Until, one day, she rally gone mad and her condition got worsen. We rushed her into a private hospital and it was diagnosed that she is suffering from the lung cancer and it is quite late for us to save her because the cancer turned malignant and spread over her body. It is very disappointing that we trusted a wrong doctor. Right now, my family and I were planning to hire a Medical Malpracice Attorney and sue that doctor for providing a wrong diagnosis. I know that this is the right thing to do!

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