The Benefits of Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites like Facebook has been a powerful tool to everyone. Facebook in particular can be used in so many ways. Aside from being a personal account that aims to gain friends over the internet, Facebook can also be used for business and promotional purposes. Business nowadays are targeting online costumers and knowing that Facebook is one of social networking sites that has the most number of users, this businesses showcase either their product or services online. You can also make use of this social networking sites to gain link popularity to your site. Placing a link on your tweets or status is one of good examples of promoting your blog. You can encourage other members to visit your blog which can be very useful to generate useful traffic to your site. These social networking sites can also be very useful when there's a natural calamity or other related events. People online or the organizations can ask for help and donations using the sites. They can also be used to scatter a very important messages. I remember how Facebook and Twitter plays a very important role when Typhoon Ondoy hits the Philippines. Facebook and others are also have been used on the recently held 2010 Election, showcasing their candidates and encouraging other people to vote for them. This is how social networking sites helped us. Speaking of Social networking sites, i am excited to watch "Social Network" on theater. It is the story behind the creator of Facebook. Very interesting!

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