Window Cleaning Service

Cleaning your window is obviously an easy and a Do it Your Own activity. However, if we are talking about windows that are hard to be reached by ordinary house cleaning equipment, then what you need is to hire something like Window Cleaning Portland Services.
Take note that the appearance of a house reflects the personality of the owner and I'm sure you do not want to be judged by simply ignoring a dusty window right?
Well, the advantage of hiring a professional window cleaner is the time that you can save from doing such task. Just imagine how time consuming it could be and how risky it is to clean those hard to reach windows at your house.
They sure have the right equipments and they are well trained to do such thing. Cleaning it all by yourself will not ensure that your house will be free from dusty particles since there are things that cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning equipments. For those who has Asthma or allergy for example, can't live in such dusty environment so in order to avoid any worst case scenario, better get a window cleaning service not just to make your house more appealing but also to have a clean and dust free environment.
How about you guys? Have you tried hiring an expert Window Cleaning Service? How does it help you? Feel free to share your thoughts here. Have a great day and happy blogging.

Busy this Summer?

Believed it or not but Summer is actually the most boring season for me. I know you are probably thinking of hitting the beach by now and enjoy your summer vacation but for a loner guy like me, i would rather stay inside my house than hanging out with my friends in the beach. I don't know but for some weird reasons, i never enjoy the beach no matter how hot the temperature is and no matter how hard my friends convinced me to go with them. I am an Internet Savvy guy and i spent most of my time online. My work barely relying on it and in case i want to have fun, all i have to do is to visit some of my favorite sites like YouTube or iTunes or play some of my favorite gaming sites. I used to play Casino games than those MMORPG games. Well For me, Casino is more challenging and more exciting since you will be opposing against real Casino player here and you will be dealing with money as well.
Unlike other games, Casino games have no winning formula. It all depends on your strategy and how well you manage it in order to beat other players online. Among all the Casino games, my personal favorites would be Roulette and the Slot Machines since both of them require no skills or technique in order for you to win. You're lucky if you found sites that offer some free slots spins that can definitely maximize your chances of winning without spending much of your money.
Since we're talking about money here, i suggest that you choose the gambling site wisely to avoid or keep yourself away from being scammed. Well good thing, there are several online organization group that aims to protect online casino players from scams. One of this trustworthy sites would be the eCOGRA Casinos that list down all the reliable and safe gambling sites for you. Same thing goes with the Neteller Casinos , another online organization. With sites like these, i have nothing to worry about. They really helped me a lot and provide me the best gambling and playing experience ever.
Well, my Summer will not be that boring at all since i have some thing to keep myself busy at home. Cheers!

Stressing Task

Out of all the house chores, cleaning the carpet is what i hate the most. Well, in my case, we do not have a vacuum cleaner so I have no choice but to clean i manually. It is very stressing and consume most of my time. Well, we actually have a vacuum cleaner before however Milzon broke it and now, it's useless.
Mom is too busy and she just can't include a Vacuum cleaner on her budget. This equipment may ruin her budget as well so i dare not force her to buy one. So in the end, i have to sacrifice and bear all the stress of cleaning our carpet in a manual way.
Well some of my friends told me that i can actually rent a heavy duty carpet cleaner from shops like Rental Equipment Portland in Oregon. Well the good thing about these Rental Equipment shops is that you do not have to pay the item in full cost and you can save a lot of money from it.
There is also a great tendency that the item or equipment that they allow to be rented are those products that are high in quality and provides satisfying service.
I just wish i can find one near in my place. I guess i better ask my friends about this. They sure know where I can find one.
Hey guys, how about you? Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to leave your comments here.
Have a great day and Happy blogging.

Luxurious and Romantic Wedding

The wedding that my mom and I attended last year at FernBrooks Garden is truly unforgettable. That was my first time to experience attending a very luxurious Wedding. Its actually my Ate Carmela's wedding and we were very lucky that we are one of the invited guests. What makes this wedding remarkable? Well, take a view at these photos below. Thanks to James for taking a high quality photos of the event. Gosh, he took it like a pro don't you think?

This is the Chapel outside. It is located at the center of these wide grass field so you will hear no horns or noises from the street. Just the romantic aura and a beautiful and stunning ambiance.

This is the altar. Wow, i am still amazed with these photos and never get tired of viewing them over and over again.

A very nice fountain outside the chapel. Simply amazing!

The chapel is located near a river and it is also a part of the venue once you rented it.
Here's how it looks at night. Very Romantic right?

My Ate Heidi and his escort walking in the isle.

The bride with her gorgeous wedding dress.
Well, i know i can never have this wedding that's why i am very thankful to Carmela for allowing me to experience this once in a lifetime event. Actually, this is my dream wedding! I want my wedding to be held on a place near the nature. I want a venue that is calm and quiet and somehow romantic like this. Though i don't want it to be as luxurious as Carmela's wedding. I much prefer those Weddings Vancouver WA has. The venue is simple yet good and romantic enough for a couple. I wish i could have this ideal wedding of mine in the near future.

I'm a Pet Lover

This photo was taken few months ago when we went to our province in Pangasinan. Are they so lovely? I wonder how much a pet rabbit will cost? I really want to own one but i just don't know how demanding they are and how expensive they could be.
I am such a pet lover and actually right now, we do have 6 pets in our house. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and a fish. Snoopy is my oldest dog and my best buddy and he was given to me by my Uncle as his birthday gift. The two puppies came in to our family just recently. They are Madel and Thia. Madel has a black complexion while Thia is a spotted one.
I have 2 cats namely Mingming and Junix. And we also have one Arwana fish too.
Well, knowing the fact that we have 6 pets already, maybe i am just too ambitious to want another pet rabbit haha.
Pets are just like humans. They have feelings too and they should be treated properly. It is also our responsibility to bring them to a Veterinarian in a regular basis.
River Road To Animal, Vet Tacoma in Washington is well known for providing high quality service for your pets. Their hospital is fully equipped with all the necessary equipments for your pet.
From Medical Care, Surgery, Ultrasound, Dental, Laboratory and Grooming. Name It! They can do it all for your pet! If you are interested, you can visit them at and see other services they can offer for you.

Aspiring Architect

For those who do not know yet, let me share you my job experience in a House Design one more time. That was way beyond my imagination that i will be working in a company related to Architecture. Yup! Who would have thought that an Education Student like me will work in a company of a different field right?
Well, it was just a contractual job but i can say that i really learned a lot from it and i enjoyed every seconds of my stay there.
It is actually a Japanese Owned company and my job is to layout or plot a design. No i am not designing the whole house! Each departments are assigned for a specific task and i belong to the group where my duty is to plot a design for the house' foundation. I learned a lot from this company. I learned how to use Autocad and Architrend which are both software tools for most architects.
Anyway, my supervisor was about to make me a regular employee but i refused since i have to continue my study and I was there only for a part time job. They told me that they are planning to transfer me to another higher department which is either the Wall or the Roofing department. The roofing department is the most interesting of all because we all know Japan houses are known for their unique design and i always wanted to know how they are being planned. I'm sure they also hired expert roofers for it like those Roofers Portland Oregon has.
Though it's kinda weird because this company is based here in the Philippines instead of Japan. I have heard that they are sending the plans that are made here to Japan and let the workers do the construction. Interesting.