I'm a Pet Lover

This photo was taken few months ago when we went to our province in Pangasinan. Are they so lovely? I wonder how much a pet rabbit will cost? I really want to own one but i just don't know how demanding they are and how expensive they could be.
I am such a pet lover and actually right now, we do have 6 pets in our house. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and a fish. Snoopy is my oldest dog and my best buddy and he was given to me by my Uncle as his birthday gift. The two puppies came in to our family just recently. They are Madel and Thia. Madel has a black complexion while Thia is a spotted one.
I have 2 cats namely Mingming and Junix. And we also have one Arwana fish too.
Well, knowing the fact that we have 6 pets already, maybe i am just too ambitious to want another pet rabbit haha.
Pets are just like humans. They have feelings too and they should be treated properly. It is also our responsibility to bring them to a Veterinarian in a regular basis.
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