Luxurious and Romantic Wedding

The wedding that my mom and I attended last year at FernBrooks Garden is truly unforgettable. That was my first time to experience attending a very luxurious Wedding. Its actually my Ate Carmela's wedding and we were very lucky that we are one of the invited guests. What makes this wedding remarkable? Well, take a view at these photos below. Thanks to James for taking a high quality photos of the event. Gosh, he took it like a pro don't you think?

This is the Chapel outside. It is located at the center of these wide grass field so you will hear no horns or noises from the street. Just the romantic aura and a beautiful and stunning ambiance.

This is the altar. Wow, i am still amazed with these photos and never get tired of viewing them over and over again.

A very nice fountain outside the chapel. Simply amazing!

The chapel is located near a river and it is also a part of the venue once you rented it.
Here's how it looks at night. Very Romantic right?

My Ate Heidi and his escort walking in the isle.

The bride with her gorgeous wedding dress.
Well, i know i can never have this wedding that's why i am very thankful to Carmela for allowing me to experience this once in a lifetime event. Actually, this is my dream wedding! I want my wedding to be held on a place near the nature. I want a venue that is calm and quiet and somehow romantic like this. Though i don't want it to be as luxurious as Carmela's wedding. I much prefer those Weddings Vancouver WA has. The venue is simple yet good and romantic enough for a couple. I wish i could have this ideal wedding of mine in the near future.

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