Stressing Task

Out of all the house chores, cleaning the carpet is what i hate the most. Well, in my case, we do not have a vacuum cleaner so I have no choice but to clean i manually. It is very stressing and consume most of my time. Well, we actually have a vacuum cleaner before however Milzon broke it and now, it's useless.
Mom is too busy and she just can't include a Vacuum cleaner on her budget. This equipment may ruin her budget as well so i dare not force her to buy one. So in the end, i have to sacrifice and bear all the stress of cleaning our carpet in a manual way.
Well some of my friends told me that i can actually rent a heavy duty carpet cleaner from shops like Rental Equipment Portland in Oregon. Well the good thing about these Rental Equipment shops is that you do not have to pay the item in full cost and you can save a lot of money from it.
There is also a great tendency that the item or equipment that they allow to be rented are those products that are high in quality and provides satisfying service.
I just wish i can find one near in my place. I guess i better ask my friends about this. They sure know where I can find one.
Hey guys, how about you? Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to leave your comments here.
Have a great day and Happy blogging.

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