What Browser Should You Use?

What browsers should you use? There are actually few choices, but this guide should help you make a quicker decision as to what browser to use on the web.

Internet Explorer.
Unless your using the latest version (version 8), you're likely to get computer viruses and other online nasties.
Some websites like banking sites and Microsoft.com will not work if you're not using Internet explorer.
Old versions don't have tabs so in order to open many sites at the same time, you'll have to run Internet Explorer many times.
There's No updated versions for Mac.

Google Chrome.
It has a simple interface, created by Google.
No version for Mac, so far, but this will change for sure.
Unlike IE, Google Chrome has Tabs, so one program can open several sites.
Claims to be faster than Webkit or Safari.

Mozilla Firefox.
The geek's favorite, because of the way you can add plug-ins to it that can change the behavior of the websites.
Before the advent of Gmail themes, you can already decorate Gmail using Mozilla FireFox.
It has an excellent password remembering tool.
Less vulnerable to viruses.

Flock is a version of Firefox.
It has a built-in social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.
You can easily open your email. There's a menu for it.
You can also blog directly from Flock. Easy!

The "Remember my Password" option doesn't work.
It has a built-in torrent so you can download anything!
No need for Extra programs.
The Opera cache (which is located when you type "about:cache") contains anything you download including Youtube and megavideo streams. Hint, hint!
You can also search with just the mouse using special mouse movements.

Safari/ Webkit
The Webkit version is supposedly the fastest browser around.
Standard browser in the iPhone and the Macintosh.
Add Inquisitor (a plug-in) - and even if you haven't finished typing, results already appear: http://www.inquisitorx.com/safari.

My personal choice? Flock and Opera. Flock has the strengths of Mozilla Firefox and Opera has Torrenting built in which id useful sometimes.

What is "Default Gateway?"

One of the access point that plays a very important role especially in configuring your modem is the "Default Gateway". A Default Gateway is the node on the computer network that is chosen when the IP address does not match any other routes in the Routing Table. he gateway is usually the ISP-provided device that connects the user to the Internet, such as a DSL or cable modem.
A default gateway is used by a host when an IP packet's destination address belongs to someplace outside the local subnet. The default gateway address is usually an interface belonging to the LAN's border router.

You can access the Graphical User Interface or GUI of your modem by typing the default gateway numbers on your address bar. n computer networking, a default gateway is the device that passes traffic from the local subnet to devices on other subnets. The default gateway often connects a local network to the Internet, although internal gateways for local networks also exist.

You can access or trace your PC's default gateway by:
◘ Performing an IP Configuration
◘Checking TCP/IP properties
◘ and through checking LAN properties in your control panel