Aspiring Architect

For those who do not know yet, let me share you my job experience in a House Design one more time. That was way beyond my imagination that i will be working in a company related to Architecture. Yup! Who would have thought that an Education Student like me will work in a company of a different field right?
Well, it was just a contractual job but i can say that i really learned a lot from it and i enjoyed every seconds of my stay there.
It is actually a Japanese Owned company and my job is to layout or plot a design. No i am not designing the whole house! Each departments are assigned for a specific task and i belong to the group where my duty is to plot a design for the house' foundation. I learned a lot from this company. I learned how to use Autocad and Architrend which are both software tools for most architects.
Anyway, my supervisor was about to make me a regular employee but i refused since i have to continue my study and I was there only for a part time job. They told me that they are planning to transfer me to another higher department which is either the Wall or the Roofing department. The roofing department is the most interesting of all because we all know Japan houses are known for their unique design and i always wanted to know how they are being planned. I'm sure they also hired expert roofers for it like those Roofers Portland Oregon has.
Though it's kinda weird because this company is based here in the Philippines instead of Japan. I have heard that they are sending the plans that are made here to Japan and let the workers do the construction. Interesting.

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