Car Trouble... Help!!

Hi guys, i think i need your help now. It's been a week now since my start dad to complain about his car. I don't know the exact details of it but according to him, every time he starts the car, it is acting like it is out of gas. My dad is not fond of bringing his car into a repair shop and he tend to solve his issues alone. And he's been very busy these past few days, trying to fix this issue. OH and he don't even want to be disturbed. I am so worried about this guys and i really need your help.
You know what, in order for his car to stay running, he always have to pump the gas. I know it is not right and we even tried using carb cleaner for it but still getting the same issue.
I wish i can encourage him to take it to a shop near us and i wish we could find something like Auto Body Repair Portland shop in Oregon. I have heard so many good things from that shop from some of my blogger friends.
They said that it could be a sign that there is a problem with my dad's car's fuel injector. Some of my friends told me to try using fuel filter which is also the cheapest fix that my dad can offer for his car and also they advised me to change the air filter too as it can also cause the car to run erratically.
Have you experienced the same issue guy. Feel free to comment her and i will tell it to my dad.

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