Pirates and Treasures

I was watching "One Piece" awhile ago and they had a great episode today. For those who is not familiar with this Japanese Anime, One Piece is a Japanese Anime inspired from a manga series. It tells a story of Monkey D Luffy who is a pirate trying to navigate the sea in the search of the King of Pirates known as Gold Roger. During his expedition, he met some friends along the way who became his pirate crew. It includes Zoro the swordman,Usoop the inventor, Nami the navigator, Zanji the Chef, Chopper the doctor, Nico Robin the archeologist, the shipwright Franky and the musician Brook. I'm a big fan of this anime and never miss any of their episodes.
I don't know , maybe i am just so fascinated with pirates. I remember when i was a kid, my friends and i used to play treasure hunting games where we play the role of pirates.
I think Pirates are always wired with treasure hunting . I just don't know the history behind it but every time we hear about pirates, they are always associated with treasures.
But of course in real life, treasure hunting is done not in a crucial way in which pirates always does. And also, not all treasure is hidden within the treasure chest. Modern treasure hunters are now using modern tools in hunting like those treasure metal detectors including XJ9-3050, one of the best quality metal detectors today and mostly used by professional treasure hunters world wide. Through this gadget, they can track treasure easily. Amazing isn't?

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