Finally, i got my laptop repaired. It's been a week since i brought it to a technician. If you are following this blog, then you are aware what happen few weeks ago. My lappie was causing trouble and for some reason, it shot down automatically while i am in the middle of something. It happened repeatedly and it made me so upset. This is the reason why i decided to take it directly to the computer dealer and lt their technician fix it. They told me to leave the lappie at their shop and they will just contact me once they're done repairing it. At last! My laptop is back, however, all the files were gone because they reformatted it.
Anyway, that's not really a big deal since i have back up copies of those files on my desktop. Though the games that i downloaded there were completely gone since i removed all the games in my desktop last month. Too bad i have to start from scratch again. But since the technician told me not to download so many files in my lappie, i guess i will just stick on playing my favorite browsergames especially Dragonica. It is a 3d browser game that offers a very exciting epic adventure. So if you are a fantasy game lover like me, better include Dragonic in your game list.
Here's the game trailer.

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