I was with my cousin yesterday when we hit the mall to grab for some highly discounted products when i decided to visit an appliance center shop. I really love going here and check the high tech gadgets being showcased there. I saw that they are offering huge discount for their LCD TV. I am really confused about the difference between an LCD TV and a LED TV. I wonder which is much better too. I did some research online and i found out that LED TV is the improved version of LCD. I also heard that LED TV is much better because it is more energy efficient than LCD. They are also made to provide high quality pictures that are greater than what LCD TV can provide.
But of course, LCD televisions are way cheaper than the LED TV but other than that, i cannot see too much of a difference between the LCD and the LED TV. Both of them are great and will definitely give you that entertaining watching experiences that you've been looking for.
There's nothing too much difference between the two unless we are referring about the brand. Some gadgets today are being imitated by other companies so it is better to buy your item from well trusted online shop or tv dealer.
So how about you? Which do you prefer? LCD or LED TV?


willg said...

Thanks for the information, I've been looking for a new LED TV.

Sam Smith said...

I just bought a new LCD TV, could not be happier with it.

Jerry Gene said...

I like your style of writing. You break it down nicely. Very informative post. Keep up the good work.

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