Tracking your IP Address in Macintosh OS

For troubleshooting Network Connection issues, you may need to find your Ip Address. I am done with the Windows, now let me share you how to track your Ip address for your Macintosh Operating system.
Macintosh is way too different compare to windows. It is easy though you may find it complicated if you get used to Windows as your Operating system.

►Just click the "Apple Logo" on the upper left corner of your screem
► Select "System Preferences" from the menu
►A new window will pop-up, just click the "Network" icon under the "Internet & Network" section

►Select which connection would you like to check in the "Show" drop down menu
◘ select "Built-in Ethernet" if you're hooked up via Ethernet
◘ select "Internal Modem" if you have an IFITL connection
◘Select "Airport" for wireless connection
►Finally, a new screen will show up. Just choose the "TCP/IP" tab and you will have your Ip Address!