Attracted to Watches

Men like us are not that materialistic and we are not that obsess in buying and shopping for some goodies, accessories and jewelries. We are more into cars and gadgets but if there’s one accessory that we can be hooked with, that might be watches.

My Uncle Stewart used to collect watches and he puts them on shelves and displayed when they are not in used. I even saw some cool Rolex Watches from his collection. We know how cool and elegant Rolex watches are. They are very stylish and can be worn in any type of occasion. I am actually dreaming to have one, even just the cheapest one. Men like us cannot easily be attracted to those accessories except for those cool Authentic Rolex watches…

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foongpc said...

I don't wear watches but if I ever get to wear one, I would choose Tag Heuer! Haha!

Oh, maybe I will wear one of those feng shui watches that protect you from sickness. Will update about this in my blog if I get it! Haha!