Movie Marathon

Cousin Ichan and I had another Movie marathon session last week. We grabbed the opportunity to watch our favorite movies while we were both on holiday vacation. If i am not mistaken, we have watched almost 14 movies for just a week.

(Watching movie using my HP Laptop)
(Watching Card captor Sakura the Movie)

Well, he's been very busy with his school while i am so busy with my work. We didn't get a chance to watch movies on theaters that's why i used to buy DVD's if they are already out in the market. However, not all movies are available on the market especially the old ones. Well good thing, we can always use the net to search for those hard-to-find movies and we can even download it directly to our computers. ITunes is a great online source of both audios and video files. You can also check the most recent episodes of your favorite tv programs in cased that you missed it. ITunes is open for all US residence and other accredited areas. But if you're outside the US but still want to access the Itunes official website, you can try availing US iTunes Gift Card at The site offers legitimate gift cards. These cards has no expiration too!

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