Monitor Issue

My monitor started to give me some trouble again. It sated to shut down for no reasons again and it happens intermittently. It is kinda upsetting because I just had it be repaired last week but I think the condition is still same and the monitor is giving me the same problem. Okay, I am not that techie, I know some basic troubleshooting but fixing the monitor is not my expertise. Maybe I have to replace it now and but a brand new one. I will buy one but definitely not his month because I have so many things to buy this month in preparation of the Christmas, my upcoming birthday, and of course New Years Eve. Anyway, I guess, I have to use my laptop first and do my online activities here. I recently discovered a new On line casino too so maybe I will just play it using my laptop. Yikes… I am not used with this laptop… I want my Desktop back… sobs!

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