What is the Best Web Browser Part 1

Before, there was only one Web Browser. Today, there are more than a hundred browsers out there. But only five compete againsts each other: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome.
A Web Browser allows a computer user to gain access to the web pages. This was its original definition. Today, however, have come along way from its humble roots, and now along the showcasing of pictures, the streaming of Web Media, and even online collaboration through office applications.
What Users Want?
One of the things which users look for is the availability of tab browsing. Before, the only browser that offered it was the Mozilla Firefox. However, because of its popularity, IE, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome have all integrated the tabs to their interface. Another feature that users look for is the availability of add-inns. (Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox)
Add-inns are small applications that can be installed directly into the browsers; these let the users modify their browsing experience. Some of the most popular add-inns include quick image viewers (you point your mouse to the thumbnail pictures and it shows you a bigger view of the image), Web Browser Summary (it gives you the list of the content of the web page's content), and more. As of now, only Opera and Firefox support Add-ons. However, Google Chrome may soon be integrating this feature to their look. The winner in this category is Opera and Firefox.
Now, let's look at the fun side of the browsers and their ability to support themes.

(Customized Theme in Google Chrome)
Themes are the looks that users apply to their browser. Whether using the Halloween, Valentine or Holidays, themes can always add some "mood" or "personality" to your browser. You can even search your own image to it. In this category, even Firefox provides a solid theme database, Google Chrome has a ready to install theme. Safari theme is said to be the most popular even in it's default settings. In this category, Safari and Google Chrome are the winners.
I will continue the "battle of the Browsers" in my next post.

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