During the Holy Week

Gosh! I am really short today. It all started after that week long vacation. During the Holy Week, my family and I decided to visit our relatives from the province. Well, it's been a tradition already for our family to visit them every Holy Week. There are so many churches there in Alaminos Pangasinan which made it perfect for us to do the so called "Visita Iglesia". Visita Iglesia is a Holy Week tradition for us, Christians, which is done every Maundy Thrusday. Here, we will visit 9 to 14 churches to state the 14 stations of the cross.
Anyway, we had so much fun there. We stayed there for almost one week at my cousin's house. However , visiting the province is not as easy as what you think especially that the shipping fare is increasing almost every year, making it not so affordable. Not to mention the other expenses once we hit the province since we also have to buy some presents for our relatives.
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Have a great day and happy blogging.

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