Game Designing

I am such a video game lover. From Arcades, PlayStation, Xbox, PSP, Gameboy and PC games. Name it! I was able to play them all. I used to play video games since i was in grade school. I remember, me and my classmates used to visit an arcade shop almost everyday after our schools. Until now, I am still hooked in some video and online games. Well, i am not a game enthusiasts and I am not a hustler too! I am playing those games just for fun and i feel life I'm in a different world every time i play each games.
I love Role Playing Games the most but I don't mind playing those strategy and fighting games as long as there is a storyline involved. I don't mind playing online casinos too if my budget will allow me.
I remember when i was a kid, I used to create my own game too. Well, maybe i was really influenced by those video games that's why i ended up building my own. I create my own stories, characters and gaming strategies. I used to draw them all on papers and then I will invite my cousins to play with me.
I think i am different from other kids before. I used to isolate myself from them and instead of playing outside, i would rather stay inside the house and do my own thing. I love to draw a lot and it's like i am creating my own world through my imagination.
Guess what, Milzon and I tried to experiment what else can we do with the Paint tool and we ended up making a 2d fighting game.

Here's how it looks like haha. The images are not that good since it is so damn hard to control the cursor.

Of course, we created our very own characters.

And here are the skills to be used by each characters.
We used three dices here and roll them all per turn. Sum up the total numbers and then it is up to you if you are going to use that amount to move or to attack. Let say you got 10 points, if you choose to Move, then you should move the character 10 steps forward; If you choose to Attack then you can use your skill to damage your opponent's life.
In Moving, you just have to select the character using the "Select Tool" and move them according to the points that you get after rolling the dice.

Sounds fun right? ahaha you can try it too.
Okay! I know this is a desperate act from me but i guess this is a good stepping point if i want to become a game developer someday (oh God... does it sounds so ambitious??)
Well, good thing there are game designing schools out there who are willing to teach those aspiring game designer like me.
I guess i better take a degree in game design to prove myself if i really have what it takes... What yah think?

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