Be Like Tiger Woods

Who among us do not know anything about Tiger Woods? Well, I think most of us are so amazed by his extreme talent in golfing. Yup! He's an icon and almost all golfers are looking up to him (except for his sex addiction and marital issues LOL).
I actually know nothing about Golf but with Tiger Woods, I somehow find the game quite interesting. I have watched some of his games on TV and I feel like I wanna try this sport someday.
Did you know that Tiger Woods is considered as a Child prodigy? He learned how to play gold at the age of two! Amazing isn't (now i am ashamed of myself haha). He already joining championship games at a very young age and won his first ever championship award at the age of ten. With that, i am not wondering anymore why Tiger Woods is an Icon and extremely indisputable in this field of sport. And don't ask why he is now considered as one of the richest athletes of the decades. His popularity brought him to many endorsements and more. He's one of the highest paid athletes too.
So would you like to be him someday? Don't worry it's not really ambitious. It's possible! With proper training and hard work, you can!
Start challenging yourself. Why not try those exciting Golf Courses Portland in Oregon. It's a great start indeed.

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