Leave it to the experts

I might be the useless guy around our house when it comes to doing heavy house chores haha. Okay, i might be the eldest and I am supposed to do such tasks since Dad is unable to work. He got stroke way back 2001, making half of his body paralyzed so i have no choice but to take all his responsibilities and that includes those heavy house hold manly chores.
I don't know but maybe there are some guys out there who feel the same way hehe. I'm such a clumsy guy you know so i never dare to repair anything in our house. I don't mind cleaning the roof and emptying those clogged gutters but when it comes to repair, I might have a doubt.
Just like our broken garage door. It was left unrepaired for more than a month until mom decided to hire a repair service, something like that Garage doors Portland Services in Oregon.
Well, maybe she realized that it is much better to leave that task to the expert instead of taking the risk of letting me repair it knowing that i do not have any knowledge on how to repair garage door. The lifespan of garage doors depends on how well the workmanship is and how well the Installation is done.
I know it should always not be the case, i better start changing myself. Besides, taking manly house chores isn't a bad idea at all. As a matter of fact, it is a great exercise and will help my mom to save money.
But then, there are some cases that it is much better and more practical to hire experts than doing the task alone.

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