Doing House Chores

I am so proud that my mom taught us how to become responsible and that includes doing several house chores. She used to give us schedule to fulfill within a day and she never let us leave our rooms messy. To be honest, i really hate doing house chores because aside from being so time consuming, most of the chores that my mom assigning to me are those manly and hard chores. Well, i can't blame her. My dad is already disable and unable to do anything so I understand the fact that being the eldest, i take all his responsibilities.
So whenever there's a problem in our roof, then i have no choice but to fix it or ask someone to assist me. Same thing goes with other issues like water leakage from the basement, plumbing or piping issues and even cleaning our windows usually the windows in our second floor since those areas are really hard to reach.
But that was before. I am working now and I just don't have enough time to do such task so instead letting my mom do it by herself, i just hire someone to fix it. Just like now, our windows in our kitchen needs replacement. I might get something like that Windows Portland Replacement Service in Oregon instead of asking someone from the neighborhood. Much better if I hire expert so at least I know that they can do the job properly and satisfactorily right?
That's all for today guys, Hope you had a great weekend. Cheers!

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