Why Do We Need To Hire a Professional Photographer

Why do we really need to hire a photographer? There was this girl who happened to be my mom's friend told us that why they should hire a professional photographer if they already have a digital camera that can capture high quality images.
Do you think that statement from my mom's friend really makes sense? I don't think so. The medium doesn't have anything to do with it. Whether you have digital or film camera, it doesn't really matter because if you do not know how to use it properly, then the images or photos will suck.
Those photographers took formal classes and they have the skills and experience to take photographs that capture the spirit and character of the subject. Those who offer something like Photographer Portland Services in Oregon can prove you that hiring a professional photographer is still the best option that you can have especially if you are organizing or attending a very special event. Their portfolios will be compelling and give you some good reasons to spend the money for the photo session.
Just make sure that you are dealing with a REAL photographer not to those who are assuming themselves that they are photographer because they have the coolest digital camera with them.

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