A request from Grampa's Friend

I was chatting with my grampa Ralph last Tuesday and we talked about certain things to each other. It's been a month since i last got an opportunity to chat with him. His on Oklahoma and I'm here in Philippines and we haven't met each other in person but we used to keep in touch either via Internet or via phone.
It's pretty interesting that he mentioned about the mail order brides here in our country. I'm not really sure if we have it here but i heard it from some news though not paying much attention about it. Well, he asked me if I can help him to find someone that his friend can marry. His friend is currently looking for a woman to marry. He's kinda old but still have a good and stable job. And since i really don't know what to refer, i just told him to check it online.
There are so many mail order bride sites online to choose from but i told him to choose only the reputable ones to avoid being scammed.
Many women register themselves with online dating agencies in search of a life partner overseas. In their quest for a steady and secure life, women are even opting to get married to considerably older men. Now I know now why my Grampa's friend is aiming for this mail order bride system.
Well, i wish him the best and I hope that he will find the right woman too.

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