Why Should I Play Golf

I am not a sporty guy around here but I'm trying my best to become one and as a matter of fact, I'm setting it out as one of my goals. I've been searching for a sport that is not physically challenging as foot ball and basketball and not as boring as chess. Well, I think Golf meets all that criteria and it's not a bad sport at all. I'm really eager to try this sport and I might invite my friends too. Actually someone already asked me to try golf and told me that it's a perfect past time hobby.
They said that it can keep all your stress away knowing that the place where it is being held is almost embracing the beautiful aura of the nature unlike other sports that you have to play in close field and limited stadium.
It is such a perfect stress reliever and a nice and gentle way of exercising your body knowing that you have to walk long distances from one golf course to another. Of course, if you're looking for more challenge then try those professional golf courses. Golf course plays a very important role and one of the major contributing factors to make this game more interesting. Lucky you if you find a place with golf courses similar to those Golf Courses Portland in Oregon. I have heard a lot of positive feedback about that place and I hope i can get a chance to visit them someday.
Oh and if you want to become a very effective player, you can simply take training courses and practice constantly.
Who knows, you might be the next Tiger Woods right?

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