Unfinished Business

We have this bar inside our house but it's not yet finished. It remains pending for a month already because until now we cannot find someone to fix it for us. The worker that we hired went back to his province for some personal reason so we have no choice but to look for someone to replace him. Actually as you can see in the photos, the bar is almost done. What's missing here are the cabinet glass windows and other finishing touches. Well, since I was able to save some budget for this, i am planning to contact someone to finish this bar once and for all. Well, the concept of this bar actually started when i saw a wooden bar online. Ironically, i am not an alcohol drinker but i just find it nice to have this at home. It's like it adds color in the boring corner of our living room. Oh well, i want them to coat it with mahogany brown varnish to match up with our furniture. I might get an Electrician too to fix the lighting fixtures on it. It's quite complicated because as what i see to other bars, the light bulbs are not visible. Well, i need an expert Electrician for this to make my bar more appealing. Oh should i add wine bottles too? I mean, i add some for display purposes only? After all, it's a bar and a bar is intended to place wines on it. I'll show you the finish product soon.

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