Ward Off Depression

Depression is like a nightmare and I can tell you guys that I've been there so I know what most of you have been going through. Depression is a mind over matter thing. You do not have to drown yourself into so much blues and you better look forward to all those positive things rather than absorbing all the negative elements around you. There are so many ways to ward off depression so do not be so hopeless, do some action if you really want a better life.
First you have to indentify what kind of depression you have. Is it a Serious or a Mild one? If you feel perpetual sadness, slow reaction of body and mind and morbid and bitter self criticism, then you might be facing a serious depression and you better get a help from a psychologist or get a Counseling Service. Since this is a serious one, most people in this kind of stage may tend to commit suicide so if you know someone who's facing a serious depression, ask for assistance to help him or her.
Practice HOPE! Hopefulness becomes a habit which will help you achieve a permanently happy spirit.
You also have to practice right eating, right exercising, right thinking, right praying and right LIVING as these may tone up vitality.
Again it is a mind over matter thing so better replace all your negative thoughts. Why not start replacing weak thought to a strong one? Your Hatreds with love? Replace each negative thoughts with a positive one!

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