The DSL Light is not Lit

Before we proceed to the troubleshooting steps, let me have a short recap of all the things we tackeld before about the Modem Sync. We're done discussing about how to troubleshoot your modem if the Power Light in Your Modem is OFF, and so as the Ethernet Light.
The third and next Light after the Ethernet is the DSL Light which is considered as the most important light among all the lights you have in your modem. Westell 2100 and other old version of its kind, DSL is labeled as "Ready Light" while in 2wire 1800 (and other old versions) , DSL is labeled as "Local Network"
But what is DSL? And why do we considered it as the most important light in your Modem? DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL or Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line or DSL for short is a high speed internet service that provides online access and allows you to use the Internet. DSL operates over the standard phone lines just like the dial-up service but it is way much better than the dial up knowing that DSL works much faster and does not tie up with the phone line. Meaning to say, you can use your Internet and your phone at the same time unlike the dial-up system.
You suppose to see three cables connected at the back of your modem; The Power Adapter which is connected to the Power Outlet; The Ethernet Cable which connects your modem to your computer; and the last one which is the Phone Line that connects your modem into the wall Phone jack. From the Phone jack, the computer's digital signal will be sent across the telephone lines in to the central office or what they called DSLAM. DSLAM is the central hub that acts as a switchboard for local DSL clients, routing requests and responses between each client’s computer address and the Internet.
By checking the lights in your modem, if you see that the DSL light in your modem is blinking or not lit at all, there might be a problem in your server. However, there are cases that the problem is also in your part and that is what we are going to discuss.


►If the DSL Light is not working, the first thing that you have to do is to check the physical connection. As long as you have a steady green light in Power and Ethernet, you can go directly and check the Phone line that connects your modem to the phone jack.
►Do a Sequence Power Cycle
►Make sure that you have a Dual filter installed in your phone jack. Dual Filter acts as a separator, filtering both phone signal and DSL signal. Without a dual filter installed in the phone jack will interrupt your connection.
►Check the other Phone Jacks. Check if all the phone jack is working properly. To test if the phone jack where your modem is currently connected is working, you can bypass your modem temporarily and connect it in each Phone jacks you have in your house. If the DSL lit up, the Phone jack that you're using is the one that causes the trouble. It is advisable to contact a technician to fix the line for you.
►Check other devices connected in all the phone jacks you have. Some devices may interupt the connection. If you're using a TiVo box for example, this may interrupt the DSL signal especially if you don't have any filter installed in each of the phone jacks yu have.
►Bypass the dual filter. To check if the Dual Filter is the one that causes the interruption, bypass the dual filter and connect the DSL cable directly to the phone jack. If the DSL lit up, then the dual filter is either busted o not working properly. Replacement of the dual filter is advisable.
►If you're done with all the steps above and still, the DSL light is OFF, There's a possibility that the modem is not configured correctly.
►In order to configure your modem, we have to enter its GUI or Graphical User Interface.
►Do an IP Configuration to check if we have the correct IP address and Default Gateway. Open the command prompt, type "ipconfig" and get the IP Address and the "Default Gateway"
►If you got the correct IP address, then take note of the Default gateway.
►Leave or close th command prompt and open a browser. (You are not connected yet, so expect to see a "Page Cannot Be Displayed Error" in your webpage. Type the Default Gateway in the address bar ( for example)
►You must see now the GUI of your modem. The configuration of a modem depends upon the type of modem that you're using. If you don't know how to operate the GUI, it is better to ask for an assistance from your respective ISP or manufacturer.
►After doing all the process above, you should now be connected unless you have this following issues
◘ Conflict with the firewall settings
◘ There's an Outage in your Area
◘ Billing Issue
◘ Newly Installed Modem. After the installation of your modem, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are now connected. It may also takes time depending upon the time frame povided by your ISP.
◘ Disconnected in Error. Contact your ISP

Our next and last Modem Light to discuss is the Internet Light!


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