Internet Light is Red/ Off or Blinking

We're heading down to the last light in your Modem. We're done with the Power Light, Ethernet Light and DSL Light, now we're moving forward to the Internet light. Internet is quite different from the first three lights in terms of Trouble Shooting. Troubleshooting the power, Ethernet and DSL involves hardware issues and it deals mostly with the physical connection. In other hands, internet, as the word suggest, deals with Software issues.
When the Internet light in your modem is Off/Red/ or blinking Green, these are the possible reasons:
◘ Modem Configuration Error
◘ Bad IP Address
◘ Browser Issues
◘ Firewall Settings

This error mostly occurred in all newly installed modems and if the internet light is RED. There are two ways to install your Modem - it's either through the Installation Cd or installing it manually. As a part of this installation process, you will be required to establish your own user name and password for your modem's Graphical User Interface or GUI. In some cases, Installation cd failed to update your newly made personal information like the username and password in your Modem's GUI which causes the sudden lost of connection. As long as you know your username and password, there's nothing to worry about it, all you have to do is to access the modem's GUI by typing the Default Gateway (you can get this information by performing an IP Configuration) in your address bar, then it will take you automatically to the modem's interface. There should be a section or button in that web page that says "Login". After clicking the Login button, it will then take you to the Authentication page where it will require you to enter your username and password. If the username and password fill box are blank, simply enter the necessary information then hit "connect". If there's something written in both fill box and there's a "disconnect" button below, then hit the "disconnect" button, then it will now allow you to edit those information to your newly updated username and password, then hit connect. The internet light must turn from Red to a solid Green Light. ( i will discuss this in much detailed information soon)

If you got a bad IP address or simply a 169 IP Address, there's a big possibility that the problem is on your firewall settings or the computer is corrupted, affected by virus and other malicious softwares and more. This problem required a support from an expert and professional Techinician.

There are websites that contains viruses that may harm your computer and the best way to troubleshoot this is to optimize your browser, clear the private date, clear cache, cookies and browsing history. Check if the browser is secured againts malicious software like "Rouge Software" which will really harm the entire system of your PC. ( i will disccuss this muchj further soon)

There should only have one Antivirus and other related software installed in your PC. Multiple softwares will just give conflicts to each other which will cause a sudden lost of Internet connection.

Internet connection will be affeced by some radio signals especially from cellular phones. It would be better to place your modem 2 feet away from any other EMI or RFI devices. Burglar alarma may also cause an internet interuption.

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