Start it with the Basic: Sequence Power Cycle

Before consulting a repairman or technician, make sure that you have done all the basic process in troubleshooting. This basic steps will not require you to be a techie savvy person. For example, you lost the connection to the internet. Before reporting this to your respective ISP, make sure that you have done all necessary actions in your part.
Check the cables if they are plugged in securely in each ports. After checking the ports and still, you're not connected, try to perform a process called "Sequence Power cycling."
Sequence Power Cycling is just a matter of refreshing the connection. "Sequence" as the term suggest, which means you have to do it logically or by following a certain pattern.
Here's the procedure:
  • Turn off you monitor. Its either by plugging it out from the power socket or simple turning it off manually in the computer by pressing the power button.
  • Turn off the modem by unplugging it from the power source (if in case you are using an IFITL type of modem or built-in modem inside your System Unit Case, skip this process and proceed to the next step)
  • If you are using router wired to your modem, just turn it off by pressing the on/off button on the side or simply plugging it out from the power source.
  • now that everything is completely turned off and unplugged, you may now begin performing the second part of the "Sequence Power Cycling" but this time we will do the process in reverse.
  • Turn on the router followed by the modem, then followed by the PC.
  • After doing a simple and basic power cycle, check again the connection. If there's no connection still, there might be some problem with your ISP, Software issue, hardware issue, browser, or in your third party softwares like Anti-virus and more. (I will tackle all of these from time to time.)
For now, let's just stick to what we have learned for today which is the "Sequence Power Cycling"
Til' next time buddies, It's me Bluedreamer, pretending to be a techie,,LOLS

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