I can't Sign-In with my Yahoo! Mail!


I got so much trouble Signing-in with my Yahoo Mail this past few days. I was able to reach the page where they ask me to enter my email address and my password as well. However, after filling up those information, the page went back and redirected me to same login page. This is quite frustrating in my part because i am barely relying on my Yahoo mails. I just can't live a day without peeking out my mails.
I checked my Antivirus settings to know if this software blocks me out from yahoo mail. I also checked my firewall setting if it is set-up correctly, but the issue still persist.
Luckily, a friend told me to visit a site that will allow me to view my mail without logging in into YahooMail.com. The site is http://us.m.yahoo.com/.
Unlike Yahoo! the navigation of this site is largely different from the usual Yahoo mail. Just click on the link that says "Mail" in the upper right corner of that web page and then it will take you to a page where it will ask you to enter your user information( email address and password)
I was able to sign-in in my account and was able to view my mails. Take Note that Spam Mails or Junk Mails is not visible in this site.

One of the reason why we cannot sign-in with our Yahoo Mail is because of a Browser issue. If you are using Internet Explorer and it doesn't allow you to sign-in for your Yahoo account, then try another browser like Mozilla Firefox. It is the same procedure if you are using Safari as your browser. Mozilla Firefox is pretty easy to download and it will just took less than 30 minutes to finished the downloading process.
However, If the problem occured in your Mozilla Firefox, then try to sign in using your alternate browser which is either Internet Explorer or Safari.

If the procedures above didn't work out and the problem still persist, there is a big possibility that the problem is in Yahoo! and the best option that we have is to contact them and have them resolve this issue for you!

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