Check the Lights!

After you have learned the basic steps of Sequence Power Cycling, It's time for you to perform another basic step which is done simply by Checking the Modem Lights!
Before you proceed to any troubleshooting steps, you must ensure first that the DSL modem and DSL cables are set up correctly.
Before doing any steps, it is advisable to check first the status of your modem lights!
Through checking the status of the lights, you can identify what exactly the problem is like No Sync, No Surf, and more.

Let say for example, you have a Motorola 2210, there should five Lights namely,POWER,ETHERNET,DSL,INTERNET AND ACTIVITY.(in order from left to right)
Just Take note that establishing Solid Green Lights means establishing Solid Connection and Everything works properly.If one of the lights is OFF there must be a problem and must provide necessary troubleshooting steps.

Lights on the modem should not be check randomly.
Checking for the lights should follow a sequence.
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"You should not proceed in troubleshooting the Ethernet light without establishing Solid Green Lights on the DSL Light.

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